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6 Unusual And Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Here are six of our favorite unusual and fun pregnancy announcement ideas.

  1. The Unexpected Lunch

There’s something to be said about receiving an unexpected lunch delivery.

Especially one with the delivery of live geese and a dozen or so brightly colored balloons.

Now we’re not saying drop off wild geese at your partner’s office, but thanks to delivery, you can surprise him with a specially catered lunch to make the pregnancy announcement.

Have your delivery equipped with pink or blue dessert and a tiny bear print engraved on the receipt with the due date.

It’ll make him ponder and even give you a ring to question the strangeness of it all, and that’s when you can make your mark.

Without laughing at his confusion, we hope.

Suppose you are the type of person who enjoys going all out with big news.

In that case, you can make a trip to the restaurant beforehand and have them place a copy of the ultrasound photo into the box or bag.

You can count down the seconds before you get that urgent phone or video call.

A very unexpected lunch for your partner indeed.

2. The Delivery

Should you find yourself working in the office and your partner working from home, you can flip ‘the unexpected lunch’ on its head.

Now there are a few ways you can go about this: premake lunch or have lunch delivered.

Either way, your partner will get the message, and you’ll have one heck of a funny pregnancy announcement story!

And if you don’t want to go the food route because you know how particular he can get, you can make any delivery an ‘unexpected’ delivery with a phone call ahead.

Whether from his favorite coffee shop or sports venue, if they offer drop-off service, take full advantage of it to drop the bomb on him.

3. The Gag Gift

Here is another creative pregnancy announcement to give a try.

Similar to the holiday game you play with family, you can leave an unexpected gag gift attaching the baby name anywhere in your partner’s familiar environment.

Enjoy watching how long it takes him to get the hint.

Don’t give in or give up too quickly if he doesn’t immediately suspect anything.

Some people have delayed responses, and he could be one of the many.

Whether it’s:

  • a wild and head-scratching riddle
  • a baby announcement poem
  • or a physical item that’s out-of-the-ordinary

it should give him more than enough time to ponder on what it means before you lean in and drop the big news.

4. The Holiday Card

Should you want to get your friends and family members involved in announcing your pregnancy, skip the announcement card and announce it with a yearly holiday card!

Many families choose to have a family portrait taken during the holidays, and should this include your family too, why not make it a family portrait session they’ll never forget?

A new baby means new rules, and if you’re far enough along and already know the baby’s gender, why not make it a gender reveal as well.

Talk about a cute pregnancy announcement idea.

Bring in the props and find your photographer, and right before the “cheese,” everyone can toss pink or blue glitter in the air before announcing your pregnancy aloud.

Capture the exact moment on camera and have a few keepsakes of your partner and everyone else’s shocked faces.

You could also share an image on social media if you’re into that sort of thing.

Or, if it’s only just the two of you, make it a solo surprise pregnancy announcement mission – especially if it’s your first child.

Right before the timer runs out, you can toss colored glitter or confetti high into the air and shout ‘pregnancy!’ loud enough to throw him off his game.

You won’t have to watch what happens because it’ll all be recorded, and you can share the moment with your parents and both sides of your family for generations to come.

5. The Pet Groomer

Now, this funny pregnancy announcement requires a cute pet – whether yours or a friend’s/relative’s.

The trick is to give your partner the lovely little task of dropping off and picking up the pet from the groomers.

Give the salon a heads up of your plan so that it runs smoothly, and at the time of the scheduled pick up, you can have the groomers announce with a team-led ‘congratulations’ with a pink or blue ribbon tied to your pet’s collar.

Or, if you’re up for it, you can bring in a shock factor.

Think of a drastic (pre-approved) haircut and color for your pup that your partner was unaware was on the menu.

He’ll get a shock factor alright, and you’ll get a phone call faster than a lightning strike.

Just be sure to hold in your laughs because he’ll obviously be in a state of shock and confusion.

6. The Food Dish

Creative pregnancy announcement ideas are best when there’s food involved.

Do your partner and family enjoy your baking?

If so, turn your desserts up a notch by creating a pink or blue filling or topping.

Now you may think this isn’t shocking, but imagine the looks on their faces when their usual slice of cheesecake is colored bright pink or blue.

They’ll think you’ve gone mad and suspect you of playing a trick or two, and while you have everyone’s attention, you can then drop the news on them.

Now extra precautions may need to be taken to ensure this goes according to plan, especially if you have mindless eaters in your gang that won’t think twice about their food before gulping it down.

For example, if you’ve baked extra special cupcakes, cookies or brownies, you could leave a card or note beside the baking dish or platter that’ll grab their attention when reaching for the dessert.

Two cards/notes if you’re attempting to make a twin pregnancy announcement.

Look towards Alice in Wonderland’s ‘Drink Me’ bottles for a bit of inspiration.

Use a large card and make sure that the writing is brightly colored or in thick, bold font.

The note will slow them down from grabbing and throwing the desserts back.

After noticing that their regular eclair is filled with an odd color and quite possibly the engraving of the baby names, that’ll be enough to get the conversation going and slide in your surprise.

Another trick you may try for cute baby announcement ideas is placing food coloring in the water cubes (if you’re still using ice trays).

Now, if pink or blue ice cubes don’t get their attention, then you might have to resort to plastering a giant blow-up of the ultrasound on the front of the fridge and let everyone play the game of guess who.

Whether you choose to go solo or involve friends to help surprise your partner and family after your positive pregnancy test, these six ways to make a cute pregnancy announcement will give you the shock factor that you’re looking for.

We hope you feel inspired to use these ideas to create your own fun pregnancy announcements.

100 Cool Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (You Will Love)

Putting together creative pregnancy announcement ideas has become something of an art form.

You only get one chance to announce your pregnancy. So, it’s important to consider how you’re going to share the news.

Table of Contents

  • When Should You Announce A Pregnancy?
  • How to Announce Pregnancy
  • Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Pets
  • Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Siblings
  • Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • Geeky Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • The Happiest News

When Should You Announce A Pregnancy?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

Now it’s time to make the first decisions of your pregnancy: when and who to tell?

When to announce your pregnancy depends on who you are going to tell. Partners are usually the first to know, followed by close family and friends. Most of us wait until at least the end of the first trimester before telling anyone else.

The reason for this is that the risk of experiencing a miscarriage decreases as your pregnancy progresses. Once a pregnancy is in its thirteenth week, the risk of miscarriage is significantly smaller, so women feel more comfortable sharing their news.

How to Announce Pregnancy

When you’re planning your pregnancy announcement, there are some things to consider.

  • Who are you telling? A surprise pregnancy announcement to your partner is likely to be different than an announcement involving anyone else.
  • When are you going to make your announcement? Are you planning to wait until as late as possible to tell the world about your pregnancy? In that case, your pregnancy announcement might involve sharing your bump. Many women opt to wait until their second trimester begins to make the announcement since the risk of miscarriage drops (1).
  • Do you want to control who knows about your pregnancy? If you do, then don’t post an exciting or creative pregnancy announcement on social media.
  • How elaborate is your pregnancy announcement idea? Are you thinking of a simple, clever photo to post? Or will your idea require ordering special props and hiring a photographer or videographer?
  • Does your pregnancy announcement reflect your personality? You won’t want a cute and fluffy pregnancy announcement if you are a serious or stodgy person.

Need some inspiration? Here are some picks for the best pregnancy announcement ideas.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Movie Poster Fun

You can buy templates for pregnancy announcement movie photos. Take your own photograph, add a tagline, and round it off with your due date.

2. Chalk It Up

This idea packs a big punch to the funny bone while being simple to set up. All you need is your positive pregnancy test, your partner, and a floor!

4. Say It With An Ear Worm

Take “Baby shark, do do do do” and turn it into “Baby (your name), due due due due” and add your due date. Your pregnancy announcement will stay with people for days.

5. A Streaming Story

This one may not be for everybody, but if your family and friends share your sense of humor, a pregnancy announcement that’s verging on the naughty might hit the mark.

6. Traditional Meets Modern

Take the old-fashioned “bun in the oven” saying and use it to tell everyone about your impending parenthood. This has the added bonus of being incredibly simple to do.

7. A Laugh WIth A Twist

Find the humor in the downsides of pregnancy. Spending a lot of time throwing up? Use the situation to announce your pregnancy, especially if you can turn the sickness element on its head.

8. We’re All Winners

The recipients of these scratch cards will have the excitement of winning a possible prize. Then they’ll have the joy of discovering the prize is your pregnancy.

9. Onesie Humor

There are multiple funny pregnancy announcement onesies available. I chose this one because it is a little more creative than just holding the onesie, but it is easy to replicate.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

10. Tiny Shoes

There are many variations on the “cute, tiny shoes photo” pregnancy announcement. This one stands out because of the use of chalk and the inclusion of the baby’s name.

11. Fruity News

You can’t get much cuter than a tiny piece of fruit. Bonus points for this pregnancy announcement because it has an air of mystery. It doesn’t scream “I’m having a baby!” at first glance.

12. A Team Effort

If you are a sports fan who is looking for a way to announce your pregnancy, then adding a new member to your team via a onesie could be great for you.

13. Add It Up

If you are pregnant with multiples, this simple math equation stands as a pregnancy announcement on its own, or as a “follow-up” announcement when you discover you are having multiple babies.

14. Sock It To Me

This pregnancy announcement gives you the ideal excuse to buy tiny clothes — you can use any baby clothing item you like.

15. The Family Business

If you or your partner have a career about which you feel passionate, use it in your pregnancy announcement. Bonus points if you can also work in a pun.

16. Bake The News

You don’t have to be a baker to tell the world about your baby through the medium of baked goods. Make your own or order some from a local baker and then add a copy of your ultrasound to drive the point home.

17. Gift The News

You can make a kit for anyone in the family, wrap them up, and put a big bow on top. Then you get to enjoy watching the recipients unwrap the surprise.

18. Snuggle Bug

This pregnancy announcement is cute and reflects the interests of mom and dad. Use a miniature item connected to your own hobbies or pastimes.

19. An Announcement With Sole

Another twist on the tiny shoe pregnancy announcement. This one uses the month and year of birth of both parents and the baby’s expected arrival month.

20. Piece It Together

You can buy these puzzles and either hand them out to family members or have them shipped directly to the people you want to tell.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

21. Cryptic Announcement

The professional photographers who set up this pregnancy announcement made clever use of a balloon, a camera, and the rest of the family.

22. Play With It

If you and your partner are fans of a particular toy or game, work it into your pregnancy announcement. You’ll also have a keepsake to enjoy.

23. Adding Another Shot

You could use the multiple sizes of any well-known drink brand to pull this one off.

24. Who’s This?

If you use this idea, you can see who gets the news straight away and who needs some time to catch on.

25. Cards Against Pregnancy

Have friends and family members who know and play Cards Against Humanity? This might be the pregnancy announcement you are looking for.

26. Ultrasound Trickery

Try something like this if you’ve got a few photo editing skills and the imagination to apply them to your pregnancy announcement.


The End Of The World As We Know It

Show you have a sense of humor and create a pregnancy announcement that shows you giving away your glam clothes and your fun toys.

28. Still Kids At Heart

You could make an exact copy of this, or use the idea with a chalkboard and any other props laid flat and photographed from above.

29. Place Your Bump Center Stage

It can be a baseball-themed tee-shirt, but it doesn’t have to be. Choose a pregnancy-themed tee-shirt, snap a photo, and use the results as your pregnancy announcement social media post.

30. A Twist On The Bun In The Oven

Is the bun in the oven a little too simple? How about a photo of your recipe for a new family member? Add an ultrasound photo and your flour hand-printed bump, and you have a creative twist on a well-known phrase.

31. Graphic Novel Edition One

Start your own graphic novel series featuring your unborn child and make the first edition your pregnancy announcement. Continue the fun by creating covers to share news such as a gender reveal.

32. Building Your Own Backup

If you or your partner are in the military or are an emergency responder, consider a pregnancy announcement in uniform with a clever chalkboard announcement.

33. Make Them Work For It

Post a photo of you eating ice cream with a tub of pickles sitting near you, and then sit back and wait for the questions.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

34. A Famous Helping Hand

Ok, so this isn’t the kind of pregnancy announcement you can really plan, but given the opportunity — how cool would this be?

35. Drink It In

Pregnancy announcement cups are available for many family members. You can use a photo of the bottom of the cup as a wider pregnancy announcement.

36. Accidents Will Happen

If you weren’t planning on becoming pregnant, make it clear how you feel about your “little oops.”

37. The First To Know

An emerging trend is to hire a photographer and take your partner out for a photoshoot. They think it’s just for fun until you drop the big news on them.

38. An Intimate Share

You could make your partner a gift using your positive test, a loving note, and an item of baby clothing, for a moment they’ll never forget.

39. Surprise — Again

It can be just as much a surprise to announce your subsequent pregnancies as it was to announce your first. To surprise your partner, you don’t have to go to all of the trouble of setting up the professional photoshoot. This DIY version is just as creative and special.

40. See What We Did?

If a chalkboard isn’t your style, how about a letter board and an ultrasound picture to spring your surprise on your loved one?

41. Light It Up

Alternatively, you can buy a simple lightbox with letters. Then you set up your sign alongside an ultrasound picture and wait for your loved one to come home and discover the news.

42. It’s A Goal

Have a sports-loving partner? Then set up a pregnancy announcement using their sports gear. Take a photo for them first and then use the photo as a wider pregnancy announcement.

43. Move Them With A Movie

Stage a photo using an edited film poster for your favorite movie. Not only will you have a fun and original pregnancy announcement to share, but you’ll also have a unique keepsake.

44. Getting Social

If you or your partner are players in social media, then you can create your announcement using social usernames on a fun photo. Take a picture of how you are reacting to the big news and share it all with the world.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Pets

45. Paws For Thought

If you have a dog who is your fur baby rather than “just a pet,” create a pregnancy announcement with them front and center. Set up a fun photoshoot showing your dog researching how to cope once there’s a baby in the house.

46. A Sign Of What’s To Come

Get yourself a chalkboard, letterboard, or some other “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” prop, and you’ve got an oh-so-cute pet-centric pregnancy announcement.

47. And My Next Job Is…

Track down a sign online, snap a picture, and you’re ready to share the news. If you’re not a cute and cuddly “fur baby” type, there are plenty of alternatives to big brother/sister announcements, such as this one.

48. Big Changes Are Coming For Us All

Many people use “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” as a prop. Take it a step further and include your pet “reading” the equivalent book for dogs or cats.

49. Certificate Of Suitability

Create new jobs for your pets. The creator of this pregnancy announcement made “Official Toy Tester” and “Diaper Sniffer” just two of the roles for their four-legged friends.

50. Funny Bunny

No need to exclude other pets. Your bunny can also join in the fun.

51. Cat-Sister

One cat + cat big sister tee + ultrasound = memorable pregnancy announcement.

52. Spell It out

Use a letterboard to share your news alongside your cat’s worried expression.


Secrets From Pets

Use humor to share the news with your family, but not the dogs!

54. A Set-Up

Prepare for your pet and baby to be BFFs.

55. A Shoe Twist

Remember the baby shoe announcement? Add your pets’ collars for a fun personal twist.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Siblings

56. Eviction

Share how the current crib resident is reacting to the big news.

57. A Positive Spin

Not all siblings will be unhappy. Some will see the positive side of their new big sister/brother status.

58. Vote For Me

Create your own lawn sign. It can be done with cardboard, and dress the sibling up as a political candidate.

59. Quick And Easy

A homemade sign gets the point across with a fun twist.

60. Cutie

Dressing up the sibling-to-be and using a glamorous prop makes this a cute spin on the sibling pregnancy announcement.

61. Wingman

Use your child’s passions to create a punny sign, or buy one online.

62. Movie Fun

Use toys and dress-up clothes to theme your pregnancy announcement.

63. Balance

A letterboard, the big news, and some funny faces make this a cute pregnancy announcement.

64. What I Think

Alternatively, give each sibling a funny comment to hold in the announcement.

65. Aerial Simplicity

Draw with chalk, add one sibling and take a photo from a ladder or wall.

66. Staggered

The sibling reaction doesn’t need words. An ultrasound pic, some baby shoes, and a shocked family will do the trick. A pink or blue pair also serves as a gender reveal.

67. Flesh And Fur Babies

All you need for this are some siblings, fur babies, chairs, and an ultrasound pic. Do the rest with some basic photo editing software and you have a beautiful pregnancy announcement.

68. Waiting For My Playmate

Any photo of your child playing can be transformed into a pregnancy announcement with a sign.

69. A New Team Member

Use your team colors, some existing team merchandise, and some photo editing to announce your new team member.

70. Balloon Reveal

It couldn’t be simpler to create a gender reveal and pregnancy announcement crossover with some balloons, a letter board, and some super cute siblings.

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

71. Pumpkin Baby

If your carving skills don’t stretch to an intricate belly baby, use a stencil, carve, and share your news.

72. Pumpkin In Pumpkin

Alternatively, you could name a pumpkin for each family member and cryptically place a tiny pumpkin in the momma pumpkin’s belly.

73. A Family Announcement

Dress up family members in matching t-shirts for this cute and subtle Halloween pregnancy announcement.

74. Ho Ho Ho

Either lay a tiny Santa hat on your baby’s ultrasound picture or use some photo editing software to place a drawn one on their head.

75. Naughty Elves

Elf on the Shelf ideas can be in short supply. Set one up with your ultrasound photo for your family to find.

76. Tasty News

Use bunnies, ducklings, eggs or any other Easter candy in a range of sizes.

77. Love-ly News

Make use of Valentine’s Day and this cute rhyme to announce your pregnancy. Any Valentine’s Day props would make this idea work.

78. Sharing Good Luck

This easy-to-recreate picture makes the most of St. Patrick’s Day.

79. Lucky Charm

Chalkboard + green onesie + happy couple = the perfect St Patrick’s Day pregnancy announcement. This could be done anywhere.

80. Parenting Resolve

New Year, new baby in a party hat. Pun your way through your announcement with resolutions you’ll be happy to keep.

81. Flat Lay Fun

Use your New Year’s party props to spell out the good news.

82. Fill The Nest

Less is more with this simple-to-recreate nest with an extra egg.

83. Spell It Out

Have everyone make a dyed Easter egg. Name each egg, and add one for the baby.

84. Hang It Up

An extra little stocking added to the fireplace makes a cute Christmas pregnancy announcement.

Geeky Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


I Am Your Father

Star Wars fans who already have the props for this will find it quick and easy to recreate.

86. Repopulating

A couple of props and some basic photo editing skills are all that’s needed for this pregnancy announcement.

87. New Player

Whatever your gaming system is, you can create a new player pregnancy announcement by adding a smaller controller.

88. Caught It

Basic artistry and some washable paints are all you need to let the world know there’s a new Pokemon in town.

89. A Strange New World

Dress in your favorite character’s clothes, hold a Star Trek onesie, and use the famous introduction to announce your pregnancy.

90. D&D and Baby

D&D fans can print out a new character sheet and add their baby’s details.

91. Star Wars Siblings

This pregnancy announcement was made by photoshopping the siblings’ faces onto existing character photos. You could also create this by having the siblings dress up.

92. A New Hero In Town

Make use of costumes you already have by grabbing a matching onesie and using it to share your news.

93. Tee Shirt Simple

Peg t-shirts to the fence, washing line, or something similar. Use an adult tee for each parent, a midsize tee for each sibling, and a baby tee for the new arrival.

94. It’s Magical

Costumes, props, and photo editing combine for this Harry Potter-theme pregnancy announcement.

95. Version 1.3

If you speak another language — such as programming — send a pregnancy announcement using the words that speak to you.

96. Props

Lay out some baby items connected to your fandom, add an ultrasound, and you’ve got yourself a pregnancy announcement.

97. Scientific Discovery

You can recreate this pregnancy announcement with any form of the elemental table.

98. Who’s This?

Fans of the Doctor may want to create a pregnancy announcement like this one. Templates can be found online.

99. A New Reader

Sit with copies of your favorite book series and sit a soft toy on top of another volume.

100. A New Staff Member

Fans of The Office can buy tee-shirts in adult or child sizes with “Regional Manager’ and a onesie that says “Assistant To The Regional Manager.”

The Happiest News

No matter how, when, or where you choose to make your pregnancy announcement, be sure to have it reflect who you are. In the years to come, you will want to look back and smile when you see how you told the world.

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