Food to serve at a baby shower brunch

34 Baby Shower Brunch Ideas

These baby shower brunch ideas are just what you need to help celebrate the arrival of a new baby! Gather family members and close friends to celebrate the new parents with these easy baby shower food ideas.

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Serve up these elegant yet simple finger foods, breakfast casseroles, charcuterie boards, cocktails, and Mocktails. Put a fun twist on your party with these creative and beautiful baby shower brunch recipes that taste amazing.

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Breakfast Casseroles 

  1. Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

Blueberry breakfast casserole is an easy and great option for a baby shower brunch. This one is delicious and gluten free with almond flour, maple syrup, and blueberries. So if you love blueberries and baked treats this is the recipe for you.  

  1. Sausage & Egg Casserole 

A classic casserole for brunch to serve a crowd, sausage and eggs taste so good with peppers and onions. You can make it the night before too and reheat it with an extra sprinkle of shredded cheese.

  1. French Toast Casserole 

If I were planning a baby shower brunch menu this French toast casserole would be my top choice recipe idea. You can premake it with leftover french bread. With flavors like brown sugar and cinnamon what’s not to love? 

  1. Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Casserole

If you adore sweet breakfast foods this cinnamon roll casserole is just amazing. It’s an ooey gooey toasted treat with melted butter, eggs, heavy cream, cinnamon, vanilla, chopped pecans, and maple syrup. 

  1. Bacon Egg And Potato Casserole 

If you love a little potato and bacon in your eggs try this breakfast casserole. It’s meaty, cheesy, and stuffed with healthy vegetables like sweet potatoes and red bell pepper. It’s the best oven baked dish for a crowd.

🥚 Mini Quiches 

  1. Easy Mini Quiche Recipe 

Mini quiches are just lovely for a baby shower brunch menu. Everyone gets their own cute and dainty portion plus is so scrumptious. All you need is eggs, shredded Swiss cheese, spinach, bacon bits, ham, mushrooms, and some pie crust. 

  1. Mini Quiche Lorraine 

Classic mini quiche Lorraine’s is a brunch favorite!. Everyone will love the creamy filling, caramelized onions, custard and lardons or bacon! Just start by baking your pie crust, sauté your add-ins, make the custard, and bake! 

  1. Mini Quiche with Leeks and Sausage

If you want a dairy free mini quiche option try these little egg muffins with leeks and sausage. Just use premade crust, ditch the cheese, and use almond milk. They are so dainty and cute, not to mention absolutely delicious.  

  1. Bacon And Eggs Mini Quiche

Break out the puff pastries for your baby shower brunch theme party with this recipe for mini quiches. They are quick and easy with minimal ingredients. You can serve them hot, cold, or room temperature. 

Finger Foods

  1. Tomato Tartlet Puff Pastry

Finger foods couldn’t get more amazing than these tomato tartlets with flaky puff pastry. They’re cheesy, creamy, and packed with Italian herbs, and juicy tomatoes. You can whip these up in just 30 minutes too. 

  1. Mini Baked Potatoes 

Grab some mini potatoes and cook up this simple, tender, yet crispy little appetizer. The potatoes can be baked or air fried to perfection and garnished with fresh dill, crispy bacon, sour cream, and more!

  1. Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth at your baby shower brunch by adding these adorable mini lemon meringue tarts to the menu. They are a show-stopping crowd pleaser every time with crunchy, buttery, gooey, tangy yet sweet elements.  

  1. French Toast Bites

Impress all your guests with these French toast bites on a skewer! They are so thick, sweet, crunchy and packed with cinnamon flavor. Made using brioche bread and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal as a delicious coating. Serve it up with maple syrup for dipping. 

  1. Crème Brûlée Cheesecakes 

Make it extra fancy with these creme brûlée cheesecake bites. You don’t need to be afraid to torch the tops either, it's super easy. The pretty garnish of berries, small food-safe flowers, and sprigs of mint adds an elegant pop of gorgeous color.

Charcuterie Boards
  1. Pancake Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are so fun and delightful at any baby shower brunch party. This particularly unique breakfast platter will impress everyone in attendance. With mini pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit, and your favorite condiments. Just use some tiny bowls for syrup, jelly, raisins, granola, peanut butter, etc.

  1. Cannoli Dessert Charcuterie 

This absolutely stunning cannoli dessert charcuterie will stand out from the rest of your dessert table. It’s not hard or over the top expensive either. Just grab some broken up waffle ice cream cones, potato chips, fruit, and a few other dipping items to go along with the decadent cannoli dip.  

  1. Breakfast Platter

Any brunch party, like a baby shower or bridal shower, needs to add this breakfast charcuterie board to the menu. It’s filled with delicious breakfast food of bagels, waffles, muffins, bacon, and fruit.

Also mini croissants and donut holes, cream cheese, syrup, butter, and jams - yum! I have even seen people make a donut tower or a full bagel bar! See if a local bakery can help with the baking if you are not a baker!

  1. Cured Meat And Cheese Board

Trader Joe’s is the best location to shop for delicious items for fancy yet simple meat and cheese plate. With creamy and hard cheeses, cubed cheddar cheese, feta cheese, honey, salami, ham, chorizo, crackers, and crisps. The flavor combinations perfectly complement each other and the presentation is outstanding. 


  1. Caramel Apple Mimosa 

Just because the mom-to-be can’t have one doesn’t mean the guests shouldn’t indulge in some spirits! Caramel apple mimosas are perfect for a fall or winter gathering. They’re easy to whip up too, just decorate the rim of the champagne flutes with caramel, brown sugar, and cinnamon before filling the glass with your beverage mix. 

When the weather is beautiful it’s time for a patio brunch! Turn up with strawberry mint mimosas - they’re as simple as “rub, pour, and stir.” You can capture strawberry flavor without having to blend or juice anything and create the best cocktails ever. 

  1. Strawberry Mint Mimosa 

Strawberry mimosas have 3 ingredients and are ready to enjoy in less than 5 minutes. I also have a kid version mimosa recipe for those looking for an alcohol-free mimosa option.

  1. Strawberry Orange Mimosas

If you don’t like mint, try these easy strawberry mimosas for a fun and fruity drink using strawberry coulis, orange juice, and champagne. You can also use strawberry syrup or muddled strawberries. Then just add orange juice and champagne- delicious!

  1. Strawberry Mimosa

Strawberry mimosas have 3 ingredients and are ready to enjoy in less than 5 minutes. I also have a non-alcoholic mimosa recipe for those looking for an alcohol-free mimosa option.

  1. Peach Bellini

A classic peach bellini cocktail has peach puree, chilled prosecco and garnished with a fresh peach slice. Ready in 5 minutes, this frozen peach bellini is easy, delicious and refreshing.

🍹 Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Raspberry Rhubarb Margaritas 

Raspberry rhubarb margaritas are pretty in pink, a little bit sweet, and a lovely cocktail for a brunch gathering. The infused syrup is bright and beautiful too. Who doesn’t adore a good margarita anyways?

  1. Spiked Cucumber Lemonade

Delicious, refreshing, cool, and gorgeous- these spiked cucumber lemonades are perfect for your baby shower menu. Just blend the ingredients together with ice after freezing the cucumber and add in ¾ cup vodka to finish it off!

  1. Chocolate Cake Shots 

If your baby shower theme is decadence and elegance these chocolate cake shots will win over your guests. The combination of Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, whipped cream or vanilla vodka, and a bit of cream is absolutely delicious. Each sip is like having a bite of rich chocolate cake. 

  1. Strawberry Champagne Ice Cream Floats

Make your champagne cocktails extra special by making them into floats. They are quick, easy and ready in just 5 minutes. They are light and refreshing addition to your bar and can easily be made non-alcoholic for kids or the mom-to-be! 

  1. Blue Party Punch 

Serve up a fancy blue baby shower punch for your non pregnant guests with this boozy cocktail. It’s sweet, fruity, and super beautiful on the party platter. Made with lots of ice, pineapple juice, coconut rum, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

  1. Rum Punch (Bacardi Cocktail)

This rum punch Bacardi cocktail combines white rum, Watermelon juice, orange juice, and fresh-squeezed lime juice. Ready in 5 minutes, this easy Watermelon rum punch is delicious!

  1. Lilac Cocktail

Enjoy this recipe for Lilac bee's knees cocktail at Mother's Day brunch, bridal shower or spring baby shower brunch or on cool spring evenings. The addition of fresh lilacs is a lovely addition to this Bee's knees cocktail recipe.

🧋 Mocktails & Punch

  1. Blueberry Mocktails 

The guest of honor needs her own special Mocktail plus any other guests who don’t want to drink. This blueberry mocktail is fruity and fun and pretty for a baby shower brunch menu especially if you’re having a boy. 

  1. Sparkling Cherry Mocktails 

This sparkling cherry mocktail is a fun, fruity and easy idea, but looks and tastes quite sophisticated. You definitely won't miss a 'real' cocktail I don't think! The combination of cherries with vanilla extract and maple syrup is lovely and delicious.

  1. Pink Grapefruit Mocktails 

Pink grapefruit is the best non-alcoholic drink to enjoy because delicious citrus drinks never go out of style. The color is on theme, especially if the mom is having a girl. Enjoy in the spring, summer, or all year round. 

  1. Lavender Lemonade

Lavender lemonade is simple and gorgeous as a non-alcoholic drink or mocktail for a baby shower brunch. The fresh lavender syrup, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and purple color combine to create a drink that’s bright, refreshing and classy!

📝 Frequently asked questions, answers and tips:

What time should a brunch baby shower start?

So you’re throwing a brunch themed baby shower and need to pick a start time that’s not too early but not too late. You could start as early at 9am but it would be best to start sometime between 10:30 and 12:30. Similarly you could start the party as late as 1pm for an afternoon baby shower but anything later than that wouldn’t be appropriate for brunch. 

Hosting a baby shower brunch can be fun and challenging at the same time. Regardless if your theme is classic, traditional, elegant, whimsical, or anything in between, the menu recipes on this list will fit the bill. These ideas are simple, delicious, and pretty to look at!

🍱 More Recipes To Explore

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CEO/Owner/Founder/Culinary Blogger

Sarah Mock is a classically trained Chef and graduate of Johnson & Wales University. A culinary blogger for 14 years Sarah helps the home cook prepare her recipes with professional results.

21 Baby Shower Food Ideas {Brunch and Lunch!}


When you’re planning a baby shower, the most important thing aside from Mommy, the new baby, and the baby shower theme is the food. To keep the guests happy, the food needs to be fantastic. 

So, if yours is an afternoon baby shower (or a lunch hour shower at work), brunch or lunch foods are ideal. Plus, the foods are so much more fun than the typical baby shower fare.

From delicious breakfast items like mini pancakes, scones, and muffins, to easy appetizers like mini quiches, cucumber sandwiches and cheese boards, you’re going to love these easy baby shower food ideas.

Throw the best party ever to welcome a baby with these ideas for brunch and lunch. 




Baby Shower Finger Foods

If you plan on serving a baby shower lunch, you’ll love these appetizers, finger foods, and other main course ideas in the savory recipes category.

1) Mini Quiches

Quiche is a classic brunch item, but when it comes to a baby shower menu, mini quiches are even better. You don’t have to fuss with cutting them because they’re individually-sized.

Make these mini quiches from Dinner at the Zoo ahead of time; they can be served warm, cold, or at room temperature, making them perfect for any gathering.

The ingredients can be adjusted to make several different variations, like Mexican quiche, ham and cheese, or sausage and peppers.


2) Ham and Rosemary Scones

Who says scones have to be sweet? Savory scones are just as delicious. It’s the best thing ever when it’s served warm, just from the oven, but you can easily reheat them if you make them ahead of time.

The ham and rosemary scones by Recipes from a Pantry are flavorful, savory, and full of flavor from the Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and fresh chopped rosemary. 


3) Cucumber Sandwiches

Do you want a food idea that’s elegant enough to serve at any brunch or tea but is crazy simple to make?

Your go-to should be these cucumber sandwiches from Christina’s Cucina. They’re seriously so easy and are a popular choice for showers and tea parties!

PRO TIP: Make sure to cut the crusts off the bread and slice them diagonally or in half to make elegant little sandwiches.

As the post says, don’t reserve these for special occasions. They’re tasty enough — and easy enough — to make anytime. Add variety by using flavored or herbed cream cheeses.


4) Cheese Board

A cheese board is a tasty appetizer and a great way to show off your impressive culinary skills (even if you can’t actually cook). Here’s how you can make one:

  • Start by choosing a variety of cheeses. You can go for soft cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheese, or any other kind you like.
  • Next, add some cured meats and charcuterie. This will add some flavor and texture to your board.
  • Finally, add some complementary items like fresh fruit, nuts, and breads. This will give your board a nice variety of flavors and textures.

If you’re stumped or want an exact recipe to follow, this cheese board from Dinner at the Zoo is incredible. 


Here’s another SIMPLE version of a meat / cheese / fruit tray that you can make in minutes >> Easy Fruity Charcuterie Board 

You can’t go wrong with simpler ingredients arranged in a pretty way! 


5) Cheese Bites

Cheese bites are easy baby shower appetizers that are great for any gathering. You just can’t go wrong with fried cheese, folks.

They’re super easy to make using string cheese, and you don’t even need a deep fryer for this recipe from Dancing Through the Rain. A skillet works just fine.


6) Jalapeno Popper Wonton Cups

For an appetizer with a little more kick, these jalapeno popper wonton cups from Spend with Pennies are just the ticket. They’re the perfect mix of easy, cheesy, spicy, creamy, and crispy!


7) Crock Pot Meatballs

These simple crock pot meatballs pack a little bit of heat and a yummy honey garlic flavor that’s definitely not your typical party meatball.

The great thing about this recipe is that it works with beef, chicken, turkey, or even veggie meatballs. They’re all delicious in this sauce from Persnickety Plates.


8) Veggie Pinwheels

Veggie pinwheels are a popular baby shower food idea that I’ve seen many times. They’re tasty, easy, and require no cooking at all. That’s a win in any hostess’s book!

You can use any combination of veggies you have on hand. This recipe calls for broccoli, carrots, and cheddar cheese, but I’ve also seen them with bell peppers and spinach as well.

It’s always nice to have a vegetarian option or two for those who don’t eat meat or have certain dietary restrictions.


9) Southwest Egg Rolls

Spicy chicken and melty cheese fill these crispy Southwest egg rolls from Baking Beauty. Serve with avocado ranch, queso blanco, or your favorite dips that pair well with Mexican foods. 



Sweet Treats for a Baby Shower Brunch

Feed that sweet tooth with these delicious treats that include both breakfast foods and desserts. 

10) Mini Pancakes

There’s  a recent TikTok trend making pancake cereal, but the truth is, mini pancakes have been around for quite a while. Moms have made them for picky toddlers for ages!

But nevertheless, mini pancakes (or pancake cereal) is a great option for a baby shower brunch.  

They can be served on kabobs with fruit, dusted with powdered sugar, or served with syrup or jam. 


11) Blueberry Breakfast Bread

Is there anything better than a thick slice of blueberry bread with a cup of coffee? It’s all the flavor of blueberry muffins but in a sliceable bread form.

Of course, you can just do muffins, if you prefer, but this bread from Mommy Musings is perfect for adding a pat of butter or a drizzle of syrup to.



12) French Toast

This raspberry peach baked French toast is a great choice and can be prepared the night before so that all you have to do before the baby shower is pop it in the oven to bake.

The recipe from Powered by Mom is full of crusty French bread and delicious fruit. It’s perfect for summertime when peaches are at their most delicious.


13) Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

How about some moist banana muffins full of chocolate chips to add to the food table?

These gorgeous golden brown muffins from Spicy Southern Kitchen are not only totally YUM, but they’re quick, easy, and can be made ahead of time.



14) Lemon Blueberry Hand Pies

Lemon blueberry hand pies are a delightful, quick dessert that is perfect for spring and summer.

These hand pies have a puff pastry crust and an easy-to-make filling made from blueberries, fresh lemon juice, and sugar. These yummy treats can be found at Amanda’s Cookin’. 


15) Fruit Kabobs with Cream Cheese Dip

For an easy, healthy, and always delicious option, try these fresh fruit kabobs with cream cheese dip from Marathons & Motivation. 

Combine your favorite fruits (like strawberries and blueberries) with cubes of cheese and a delightful dip that brings out the sweetness of the fruit even further.

If you prefer not to do kabobs, this chocolate cream cheese dip will also be great on a fruit platter.


16) Strawberry Scones

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked scones, especially when they’re made with strawberries! They’re crumbly, sweet, bursting with strawberry flavor, and pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Try this recipe from Little Sunny Kitchen for the flakiest scones and sweet vanilla glaze. It’s the perfect food for a lovely brunch with the expectant mom.


17) Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

These Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies from Practically Kidding are a snap to make and are the perfect sweet treat for a baby girl shower.

Even better, you can easily customize the flavor to make blueberry for a boy!



18) Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread

Use store-bought cinnamon rolls to make this super easy breakfast or dessert option. Monkey bread, also known as pull-apart bread or breakfast bread, is so easy to make.

You’re going to dress up those store-bought cinnamon rolls with extra brown sugar and cinnamon, and of course, you get bonus points if you make extra homemade glaze to pour over the top.



Baby Shower Brunch Drink Ideas

Of course, you can’t have a celebration without some delicious drinks to wash down all that yummy food. Your baby shower guests will love these punches.

19) Party Punch

This colorful party punch by The Typical Mom is made with Sprite, orange juice, and rainbow sorbet.

It’s the perfect drink when you don’t know the baby’s gender or if it’s just a very colorful baby shower theme.


20) Non-Alcoholic Sangria Punch

Keep it classy and sophisticated with this gorgeous non-alcoholic sangria punch from Somewhat Simple.

Cranberry juice, orange juice, lime juice, pink lemonade mix, and lemon lime soda are mixed with fresh fruits for a tasty, sweet drink everyone will enjoy.


21) Raspberry Sherbet Punch

Isn’t this raspberry punch the most gorgeous pink color you’ve ever seen?

It’s just perfect for a little girls baby shower, but you can easily swap out the raspberry sherbet for lime to make a green punch for a boy baby shower. 

We hope you’ve found plenty of yummy food ideas for your upcoming baby shower food menu. If you enjoyed this post, here are a few more you may like below!


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What is brunch? How to organize a brunch in a restaurant

Brunch literally means "brunch". This is a "hybrid" of the English words "breakfast" - breakfast and "lunch" - lunch. Although in fact, brunch is a full meal. As a rule, brunches are held in restaurants on weekends (more often only on Sundays), from 12.00 to 16. 00. In addition to food, the brunch also includes various entertainment for children and adults.

If a restaurant is not empty during the weekend, then this place does not need brunches. But in most Moscow restaurants, the situation is different - from morning until 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday, they seem to die out. The ideal way to fill the hall, while increasing the volume of sales, is to introduce a Sunday brunch.

In urban restaurants, brunches have two main goals - to promote the establishment itself and to generate additional profit. For example, in the city restaurant Eden in London, with the advent of brunches, profits increased by 25%. “Actually, on the brunches themselves, I earn about 12%, no more,” commented Henry Edenwaity, the owner of Eden, on the website “But brunch got me going. The highlight of our brunch is that every Sunday, in addition to the buffet (10 pounds for 30 courses), I offer guests a flyer for a free dessert on a weekday. In addition, I conduct a survey of guests: if anyone works nearby, I give him a free business lunch.

According to Arnaud Jaccard, General Director of the Majorelle restaurant, brunches in Moscow restaurants are often simply necessary. “France has a long tradition, followed by most, of having lunch in a restaurant on Sundays, so Sunday profits are quite large even without brunches,” Jaccard says. - There is no such thing in Moscow, and the audience, tired after Saturday entertainment, can only be “lured” to brunches; An ordinary lunch, without any bonuses and a cultural program, will not be of interest to people.”

“If a restaurant is idle on Sunday, then its owner can lose up to 1/7 (approximately 14%) of the profit,” says Vladimir Pavlov, manager and co-owner of the Avtograf, Pechki-lavochki, Concord restaurants and the Monterosso cafe. . – Although in practice, if on a Sunday afternoon the hall can be filled with brunches, then the revenue will increase by about 10%; it's still palpable. "
Now an increasing number of metropolitan restaurants are announcing the introduction of brunches. For example, there are brunches in the Tuborg beer restaurant in the B2 club, in Pechki-Lavochki and in the restaurant of the Taleon club (St. Petersburg), in the fall there will be brunches in Avtograf and Majorelle. In addition, brunches began to interest restaurateurs in the regions. According to the National Hospitality Association, representatives of the Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk Territories specifically asked in 2003 to include brunch seminars in the program of the Association's annual regional sessions.

To organize a profitable brunch in a restaurant, experts advise first of all to determine the following.

  • Is there a potential audience for him in the institution.
  • Is the restaurant suitable for this event according to the technical parameters.
  • What menu and at what prices to offer.
  • What kind of entertainment to organize.

Target audience

Brunch is primarily a family meal. Basically, it is visited by families with an average and above average income, who are going to eat quality and relatively inexpensive meals on the weekend. According to the research company KOMKON, 41.9% of respondents whose families have children under 15 regularly visit restaurants, respectively, being potential brunch visitors.
Parents often feel guilty about not doing enough with their child, in particular, leaving him at home while going to a restaurant. That is why brunch is a very suitable option for customers to avoid such problems. It makes sense to organize a brunch where there are many family people among the guests. The training manager of the Astoria hotel complex (St. Petersburg), Maria Popretinskaya, advises organizing some kind of entertainment programs for children.

For example, "B2" is a music club aimed at people over 25 years old, with an average income, many of whom already have a family. “According to our estimates, many regulars are potential brunch visitors,” says Natalya Kashtanova, PR director of the club. After this type of service (with children's programs) appeared in B2, the club's restaurant for 140 seats is 80% full on weekends.
Brunches in hotel restaurants are also designed for non-hotel guests. All three Moscow Marriott hotels host brunches. “Usually, the hall is 80-100% full at this time, guests almost always book seats in advance - somewhere in the middle of the week,” said Valentina Starova, regional director of public relations for three Moscow Marriott hotels.

Some restaurants organize themed brunches. For example, in the "Gallery" at the hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow" art brunches are held, addressed to lovers of painting and art. They constantly host exhibitions and sales of paintings by contemporary artists, live jazz music sounds. “The hall is almost always 90-100% full, and about 80% of those present are regular visitors who do not live in the hotel,” says Andrey Abadzhidi, Marketing Communications Manager at Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow. Brunches are held on Sundays from 12.00 to 16.00, the cost is $62, children are given discounts.
The Samobranka restaurant (Marriott Grand Hotel, 70 seats, brunch price - $47.50), which traditionally offers international cuisine, hosts themed brunches dedicated to various national cuisines once a month. “Guests like to try everything new,” says Valentina Starova.
A themed brunch is planned to be introduced at the Jazz Club in B2. The action will consist of lunch, a jazz music concert for adults and a jazz lesson for children.


Not all restaurants are suitable for brunch. According to experts, this should be an institution for at least 70 seats, with high traffic. All restaurants mentioned in the article meet this requirement.
The minimum area for a brunch is 150–200 sq. m. “A restaurant with several halls is optimal for brunch,” says Maria Popretinskaya. “Then one can be equipped for a playground, the other can be used for entertainment for adults, and the rest can be fed.
“People often celebrate birthdays at brunches, so the restaurant should be able to accommodate several separate companies,” says Vladimir Pavlov. “In addition, you need enough space to arrange a buffet (if it is not available on ordinary days) and a playground, put musical instruments, plant a pianist, arrange karaoke, etc.” It's good if the restaurant has a big screen. You also need to have such kitchen equipment, the number of equipment and personnel so that you can cook at least 30 items from the menu, while counting on a full hall (that is, at least 70 people).
The status of the restaurant is also important. At some places, like Concorde, people won't come to brunch on weekends. According to Vladimir Pavlov, "Concord" is a restaurant for business negotiations and meetings, so among regular customers - businessmen - it is associated with work.


The whole point of the brunch is that the place offers guests lunch, which at other times would cost one and a half to two times more. This is the main “hook” on which guests should be caught, restaurateurs note. “Guests of the Gallery, who are mostly connoisseurs of Moscow restaurant life, are well aware that our brunch is very cheap for them,” Andrey Abadzhidi believes. – In any city restaurant, a typical lunch of this level would cost at least $130. That's why people come to us."
Popretinskaya even advises to include in the menu some gourmet dishes at low prices when organizing brunches. For example, people come to brunches at the restaurant of the Taleon club (St. Petersburg) because of cheap oysters. For $36, a guest can order a whole meal in addition to oysters. It is oysters for such little money, according to the club's employees, that attract customers the most.
On average, a brunch in Moscow hotels and restaurants costs from $25 to $60, children under 6 years old are free of charge, children under 12 years old are 50% off.
The menu for brunch in hotel restaurants or large establishments (for several hundred guests) is usually extensive - from 30 to 40 menu items, including appetizers, main dishes, soups and desserts, plus drinks and alcohol. The Gallery Restaurant (Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel) offers, for example, 18 appetizers, two soups, six types of seafood, six types of sushi, 12 hot dishes and 17 desserts, not counting soft drinks and wine.

The Santa Fe restaurant, where the number of brunch attendees reaches 400 or more, can afford to organize a large buffet. The restaurant offers dishes of Japanese, Russian, Latin American and European cuisine (about 40 items in total), the price is $35 for adults, $17 for children under 12 years old, and for children under 6 years old - free of charge.
Experts advise updating the brunch menu from time to time. “The monotony is boring, and even if there is a choice of 70 dishes, the menu needs to be changed periodically,” says Maria Popryatinskaya. “The optimal change is one or two meals a month, if the brunch menu includes from 20 to 40 dishes.”
Sometimes brunches offer different cuisines - for example, the Gallery restaurant of the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow offers both Mediterranean dishes and Japanese sushi.
Small restaurants take a different, unconventional route. At the Krasny restaurant, brunch is very conventional: it is a regular buffet for $25, which is on the menu every day. A special bonus is that each guest is offered a free glass of champagne, juice or ice cream. “Our main highlight is the specifics of the buffet,” says Kirill Eremenko, manager of the Krasny restaurant. “People can cook various dishes from the exhibited ingredients, both according to their own recipes and according to the recipes of Mongolian cuisine that we provide them with. It attracts a lot of people."
The main trump card of brunches in the beer restaurant Tuborg in the club "B2" is a special children's menu and a children's program. Adults order according to the usual menu, without any discounts. Since the restaurant occupies a democratic niche - the average check is about $20 - the brunch costs a family of three somewhere around $50. “The main compliment to the guests during our brunch is a free, very extensive children's program,” says Natalia Kashtanova.


Brunch is all about keeping the kids entertained. Special playgrounds with animators, clowns, games, etc. - this is practiced in Santa Fe, Ovens-benches, B2, etc. (For more information about organizing children's entertainment in restaurants, see "MD. Restaurant" No. 6 .)
An institution that often hosts various entertainment events is easier - it has “its own” musicians, animators, magicians, pianists, etc., with whom it constantly works and they can be invited to brunch. A restaurant that does not hold such events is better off engaging professional entertainment companies. “As a result, the involvement of special organizations is more profitable,” says Natalya Kashtanova. - This is the same as with tourism - it is often cheaper to rest through a travel agency than individually - they already have an established system. Organizing entertainment at one brunch costs us $150 to $250.”
At the same time, brunches were canceled in some Moscow restaurants due to unprofitability. “The costs didn’t pay off. There were few people, and every time we were at a loss, - says one of the managers of a large institution, who wished to remain incognito. - The fault was the discrepancy between price and assortment - for $ 45 a 12-course buffet was offered - and bad advertising. On the other hand, in our restaurant (50 seats), where the kitchen is designed for only 50 guests, it was difficult to make a large and at the same time inexpensive brunch.”
According to Maria Popryatinskaya, the lack of profit is primarily due to the incomplete workload of restaurants at brunches. “At a brunch, the occupancy of the hall should be at least 70%,” Kirill Eremenko also believes. “After all, food and entertainment are prepared, counting on a full hall, and if less than half come, then the brunch becomes unprofitable.” The occupancy of the hall is ensured if the conditions mentioned above are met.

Galina Gubankova

Sunday brunch: more than food!

How can you call a day off when you need to get up before everyone else, cook breakfast, clean up after it, wash the dishes, and even come up with leisure activities for children so that there is actually time for this very cleaning.

Whether it's a matter of getting enough sleep, slowly getting together and going with the whole family to a restaurant where everything has already been prepared for you and everything has been taken care of. Grab food, chat, read the latest news and watch the kids have fun. That's what brunches are for.

Few people know that brunch - breakfast that smoothly flows into lunch - was not invented by resourceful Americans at all. The tradition of having brunches appeared in the 19th century in England, and it was invented by none other than Lewis Carroll. He also guessed to cross the English words breakfast and lunch (breakfast and lunch). The tradition of having brunches has survived in Europe to this day, but it was the Americans who literally built it into a cult. The menu of any brunch essentially includes everything you can eat for breakfast or lunch - from scrambled eggs to pieces of fried meat, fish, seafood. Of course, there is a place on the table for both pastries and fruit. And coffee - after all, it is what we most desire in the morning, even if the morning starts closer to noon.

The brunch fashion came to Russia not so long ago, but it has already gained popularity. After all, brunch is not just a meal, it is leisure for the whole family, an opportunity to take a break from household chores, chat without being distracted by TV or a computer, just to be together after a long working week. And how much joy for children! What kind of child refuses to go to a restaurant with his parents - how big.

Korston Hotel also picked up the idea of ​​arranging brunches. Only here they decided to approach the issue thoroughly - to rest so to rest!

First of all, family leisure requires a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, the hall where Sunday family brunches are held is decorated in the spirit of the street cafes of the good old Paris: flowers, benches, houses with small cozy balconies. And in the middle of the hall there is a stage in the shape of a horseshoe, so that from any place you can see what is happening there.

A special menu is also important for brunch. Who needs a dull porridge when you can try so many things - hot, soups, salads, sweets. Some cakes can be counted 10 types. And from drinks, in addition to coffee, there are tea, juices, mineral water and even champagne for those who decide to arrange a day of freedom from worries.

And, of course, we need a children's program - otherwise, what kind of vacation is it if you have to look after your restless and, moreover, bored child every minute. Animators work in Korston, who, together with children, play out whole performances. Various workshops are held. For example, children will be dressed up in aprons and snow-white caps and taught how to cook pizza - and they will let you roll out the dough, and choose the toppings, and distribute, and even bake your creation in a real oven.

For those who do not like active games with animators, there is a dry pool with colorful balls in the hall, pencils and paper are scattered everywhere. In general, the children do not get bored, and parents have the opportunity to relax.

The price for such a brunch, as it usually happens, is fixed. That is, you paid - and from 12 to 17 o'clock you can safely enjoy your rest and food, without thinking what you will see on the bill when it's time to leave.

And on November 3, Korston will start the Children's Holidays project at the Extra Lounge restaurant. This is the same brunch, only service will be made according to a special menu with a discount, and it will take place in a panoramic restaurant on the twentieth floor of the hotel! There is a reason to join the tradition that has been so popular for more than a hundred years on both sides of the ocean.

Korston hotel address: st. Kosygina d. 15 (10 minutes from the station "Vorobyovy Gory").
Phone for table reservation: 8 (495) 939-80-77 or 8 (495) 939-80-00.

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