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Heinz Let's Cook Little Shapes Pasta 6+ Months 340g

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Pasta shapes with added vitamins and minerals

Further Description
Use as part of a varied weaning diet.

Specially made for little ones
Made with soft wheat flour, the ideal texture for first teeth
With added iron
No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives

Pack Size
340g ℮

Allergy Advice
Wheat - Contains
Lupin - May Contain
Soya - May Contain
Eggs - May Contain
Milk - May Contain

Usage Other Text
Servings per pack - 17

Usage Count
Number of uses - Servings - 17

Recycling Info
Bag - Not Recyclable
Box - Recyclable

Soft Wheat Flour
Calcium Carbonate
Iron Fumarate
Vitamin B6

Allergy Text
May contain Egg, Milk, Lupin, Soya.

Lower Age Limit
Advisory - Months - 6

Storage Type

Once open, store in a cool, dry place away from odours (best stored in an airtight container). Use within 3 months of opening.

Preparation and Usage
Easy prep: Bring some water to boil in a saucepan. Add 20g of pasta (about 2 dessert spoons) to the water and cook for approximately 4 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Check that pieces are soft and tender, then drain.
Always check the temperature before serving and always ensure your baby is supervised while eating.
This is a guide, you can prepare Heinz pasta to the quantity your baby loves.

Company Name
H.J. Heinz Foods UK Ltd. / H.J. Heinz Company (Ireland) Ltd.

Company Address
UK: H.J. Heinz Foods UK Ltd.,
SE1 9SG.

IE: H.J. Heinz Company (Ireland) Ltd.,
Avoca Court,
Co. Dublin.

Telephone Helpline
0800 212991
ROI 1800 995311

Web Address
www. heinzbaby.co.uk

Return To
Keep in touch:
For information on feeding your little one please call our friendly Careline on 0800 212991 ROI 1800 995311) or visit www.heinzbaby.co.uk
UK: H.J. Heinz Foods UK Ltd.,
SE1 9SG.

IE: H.J. Heinz Company (Ireland) Ltd.,
Avoca Court,
Co. Dublin.

per 100g% RI*






of which saturates




of which sugars








Vitamin B6



0. 7mg63.64%









*Reference intake of average adult (8400 kj / 2000 kcal)

Product Number: 100263078

Baby pasta stars by Heinz : review - Formula & food

Heinz Baby Pasta Stars

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How to cook Heinz baby vermicelli

Make the sauce: butter-cream-garlic are heated together and mixed until smooth and garlic flavored. Vermicelli, even when boiled, is small, so do not be afraid that the child swallows it whole. To be honest, at one time I was too lazy to mess around with making homemade meat purees for a child.

Watch video

In general, my daughter loves such a small Heinz vermicelli, I take it not for the first time already, but basically I just boil it and mix it with meat or vegetable puree. For reasons that Heinz eats porridge willingly, with pleasure, and we are not allergic to them, I bought Heinz noodles with asterisks, so that it is also beautiful. Therefore, I tried to finish the minor imperfections in the apartment while it was fresh, but the loggias remained sad and shabby until this autumn, such as we inherited from the previous owners. This is a huge plus when you need to cook something very quickly for your baby - there is no smell or taste from the first spoon, my child just fell in love with pasta! We bought an apartment back in 2007, in 2008 we made a major overhaul and successfully celebrated a housewarming party.

Baby food z asterisk vermicelli Nashe

I recommend trying this vermicelli, especially if your baby is naughty and does not want to eat anything, you will suddenly like it. And we ran into a problem: my daughter ate a cutlet or whatever else was there for a side dish, but she didn’t want pasta. He is being treated for a year old guy's back: Elena Podkaminskaya arranged the first photo session with her little son all articles sections and services communicate! Review 555 about my huge love for colorful frills) after the cradle of simplicity, I can’t imagine another bed for a newborn! Boil quickly, do not stick together and the child began to eat soups well, he liked the floating interesting stars-figures of vermicelli! But the trouble is, I’m not able to cook ordinary pasta, I even “cut it with a knife”, I don’t know how, my husband cooks if necessary.

The cooking method says that you need to cook for 10-15 minutes, 7-8 was enough for me to make it completely ready. The olive tastes like smoked bacon, everything is bitter and incomprehensible - familiar products have a stupid inexplicable taste. The cooking time indicated by the manufacturer is 10-15 minutes, but after 9 minutes my vermicelli boiled almost to the state of puree. I decided a long time ago that we would start with squash puree, moreover, with a can, since I don’t see any reason for myself to constantly stand at the stove. Create a topic Natalia is tired of vegetable side dishes, six months only vegetables and cracks, he began to be capricious.

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Pasta and soups

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Very often, parents face difficulties in the formation of baby food - while the baby lives the first months of his life, he cannot eat. much of the adult diet. You can diversify baby food with pasta. Pasta are an attractive dish even for capricious children. It is a source of proteins and carbohydrates necessary for fast growing and developing organism. Usually, children's pasta is included in the diet of a child upon reaching one year.

Choice of pasta

Many parents wonder - what kind of pasta can be given to children? Everything is simple here - the better the product will be, the better it will be for your child. It is necessary to take into account one point - the appearance of pasta plays a big role for the child - their color or unusual shape. Most multi-colored pasta is dyed with natural dyes, which do not cause any harm to the baby's body. There are also special children's pasta, which can be bought both in the nearest large supermarket and on the Internet. baby pasta produce the following brands:

  • Bella Baby
  • Melissa
  • Mellin
  • Divella
  • chumak
  • Heinz

Pasta dishes for children

In general, many adult recipes can be converted into pasta recipes for children. You can start with regular pasta with cheese, and then try to cook them with various simple sauces - bolognese, creamy, tomato, pesto.

Learn more