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Baby, eat! - Catherine the Nameless.

Colorful life. Relationships and Addictions — LiveJournal

I was reading LiveJournal the other day and ran into one entry, after which I was so soldered that I decided: I will write!
As I sat down to write, I didn’t find that entry, apparently, it moved down a lot, but if anyone finds out and gives me a link, I’ll add it here.
But, from memory, there, in general, the essence boiled down to what ...
The mother of one girl writes. The girl is large, there are more classmates. And the girl has a girlfriend, also not thin, about ten years old, I think. Or twelve. I don't remember exactly. But something in that range.
And they are both cute plump kids, it's a pleasure to look!

(APD. found a post - threw off the link. Here:
The children there are six years old (my memory failed), but it doesn’t change anything :)

Well, so here.
And then "oops" happened.
The mother of this girlfriend caught on and put her daughter on a diet. Like, there is nothing to gain weight from childhood!
Daughter, of course, is against all diets. Well, yes, and who will be happy there in childhood when chocolate buns are forbidden to trample uncontrollably! Especially towards the night. Instead, salads are slipped.

The lady who wrote the post had a natural shock. What she actually wrote about. Like, how is it possible, a child - and on a diet ?!
It's a child! How can you limit? Yes, this is a direct path to eating disorders! Yes, it's some kind of mother-fiend! Yes, how is it possible - to adjust the child to some standards already at this age! Yes, it's almost mind-blowing! "Yes, I've been walking in shock for a month, as I think!" - something like that...

Needless to say, the comments, with the exception of a few sane ones, were chosen in the same spirit. "Baby on a diet?! Mom is a monster!"™ Quarter-sir.

And I was reading and I was soldered.

* * * * *
I like to look into people's carts in supermarkets. I wonder what they take, what they wash, who will have something in the refrigerator.
It's like spying on someone else's experience - what if I'm missing some interesting product?
And so I often stand in line and, while we are moving to the cashier, I look at people.
Here is a man, about forty-five years old, it looks like a "young" father - in the cart there is a block of baby purees; this one is tall - lonely, six bottles of beer, the sausage is already cut - it looks like even cut into scrap; here is my aunt, she will cook borscht - cabbage, tomato paste, beets are in the cart. There are no more vegetables, but where else is cabbage with beets and pasta?

And here are the women. Portly, well-groomed, her hair is dyed perfectly, boots are good, with heels, jewelry, although jewelry, is not simple, frey ville, recognizable. Such a bright lady, everything she wears is good and expensive, even somewhere with taste. And you can see - she tried to dress not comfortably, namely what is sexy.
But I want to wince. Because a natural woman. Even despite excellent rags. Because these beautiful rags cover six folds on the belly.
Hamster cheeks, swollen eyes, nothing can cover two chins.
Overweight, heavy, it is clear that she is hot in the store, sweating.

And I look and think: why and for whom is she dressed so beautifully? Why and for whom is she so well made up? For what and for whom did she clearly leave a bunch of dough in the hairdressing salon? What's the point if you have six huge folds on your belly and you can't hide it with any clothes?
Whom will you attract with Frey Ville bracelets, if even with them you are the standard of anti-sexuality?
Because the sexiest pants only stay that way until they're close to the size of a sofa cover.

And I look at her as we go to the checkout and, without even looking into her cart, I know what is there.
I lower my eyes - and for sure! You don't need to be a seer to look at her and find out what this body eats.
The cart contains smoked meat, a huge piece, at least three types of sausage, mackerel, but fatter, also smoked, cheese - two types, sliced, a couple of plastic containers with tube cakes, sauces in bags, you know, these, which based on mayonnaise. And yes, of course, the mayonnaise itself!
How delicious everything is, damn it! Real jam!
Come in the evening, satiate yourself, enjoy... Eat.

And then pull covers over yourself, smear Guerlain and Chanel on your swollen face and think that you are attractive. I have invested so much in myself, I tried so hard!
And such aunts - the sea. Really - the sea. And they've been like that since they were young.

* * * * *
A month ago I wanted to write, I was so impressed and my eyes hurt. And I even knew that I would call the post "Pretty Woman", not otherwise. But everything did not come together then. And now I'll tell you.
Alex and I came to one good shalman, we came late, together, so, drink wine, chat.
And there the birthday girls are walking, five girls, without men, and they are already walking at the stage when the dancing begins.
And so they go out to chat, all of them, in their opinion, are impossibly beautiful and sexy, they begin to take poses in dances, you know, how tipsy young ladies dance ... In the hope of attracting the surrounding males, not otherwise.

It is clear that on the occasion of the girls, apparently, they got the best outfits, put their hair in some kind of complex hairstyles, make-up - each tried to surpass herself.
And the muzzles are beautiful. Well, because the young, the birthday girl - only 24 celebrate, we overheard.
Well, the first beauty comes out, so far I see her only from the back, I look for a short time, I say to Alex:
-Interestingly, maybe this dress from the front was worth putting on?

Alex looks at her and laughs.
And it's understandable why: the dress is black, above the knees, and it's. .. one of those that stretch. By figure.
In the sense that this whole figure is impossibly covered with a dress and looks like this from the back: a collar, a fold of fat, a fold of fat, a fold of fat, piece of fat ass.
The dress is over, the legs have begun. Of course, in huge heels. The girl clearly wanted to look sexy.

What kind of legs can a girl with an overweight of forty kilograms have?
Well, what it is, I put it up: a thick ham, a pillow near the knee, two folds on the knee, calves ...

And, damn it, she doesn’t have a complex! Not a drop! I have always been struck by this property of many women - not to complex.
I really don't understand, maybe mirrors are a luxury that not everyone can afford? Maybe there are special mirrors that do not show reality?
Because I, kill, don't-don't-ma-yu, how - how?! - is it possible to pull a short dress into a tight-fitting over a figure consisting of continuous folds ?! And it, of course, lifts up, and she pulls it down from the ass every minute.

And then she turns in the dance in front. And it's even sadder there. Because the dress emphasized the chest. If you only guess which of the four tightly covered rollers in front - there is a chest.
Why are there so many rollers? Well, the girl was very flattered by her size when choosing underwear. And under the dress you can clearly see where the underpants pulled the belly.
And the saddest thing is that the girl really obviously had a figure and good proportions. Well, if you lose weight, of course.

And then the rest of the girls come out to dance. They squirm, make eyes at the men present in the hall, have noisy fun, hope to attract.
They are not so critical in terms of forms, but… really, out of four girls, one looks more or less good. And then…
And the rest, including the birthday girl herself… well… the outfits themselves are beautiful.
And under the outfits - folds. Folds. Folds. Specifically, not only are there mouth-watering roundness, but it is clear that girls are not used to denying themselves.

And yes, the impression is that they did not look at themselves in the mirror when they were getting ready. Because tight outfits that emphasize the figure are intended for those who have this figure in order. If not perfect, then at least more or less.
I don't tend to quibble, but I do.
Because jeans with a fit on the hips should not crawl out over the belt massive sourdough. Well, you shouldn't!
But it seems to everyone that one has only to put on something beautiful, and you will be sexy.

But that one... she was beautiful only from behind, and while a shadow was falling on her. And how she turned in front, and under the light of the lamps - damn it, well, why is that! - under thin leggings, which, obviously, should have emphasized the shape of the legs - cellulite bumps. This is already, it is clear that it is well launched.

And the girls really - up to twenty-five all. And they are already ... turning into do not understand what.
It is clear that after two hours, no matter how hard they tried, they also left, without gentlemen.
And I understand these gentlemen who were sitting at the tables, looking at the girls, but did not come up. Well, that is, on the one hand, the women, apparently, are free, just sort it out. And on the other hand, it’s still made up, but how will these folds then wash and undress?
What for is this necessary?
How about dragging on with her for a long time? At 24 she is already a mess, what will happen at 30, but after the children?

What and for whom were these girls trying? Why and for whom did they buy these beautiful outfits?
What is the point if their bodies are not decorated with any clothes?

* * * * *
One gets used to eating from childhood.
Eating is taught from childhood.
Eat everything on the plate. Ask for more. Eat with bread! With bread ... with bread ... with bread ... Poverty in the heads!
For a child to school - a bun, bagel, sandwich. Bread, butter, sausage.
Not prunes, nuts, dried apricots - bread, butter. From day to day!
Tea - three spoons of sugar. It's delicious!

What's in refrigerators? What are we feeding?
Pasta with a piece of butter, so that it floats in a yellow puddle.
And gravy on top - fatter, fried, satisfying. What is left is to soak with bread.
You know, they say about good housewives that their houses "always smell of baking". When I hear this "always", my hair naturally stands on end. I would legally forbid hostesses to bake more than once a month. As soon as the children appeared in the house - fuck the oven and cupcakes! Children will be healthier.
Well, because when do these muffins get eaten?
Correct! After a pasta dinner, at night, with a sweet tea.
Many people eat like that. Eating since childhood. Yes, it was the same in my family.
Fucking village - the girl must be in the body.

An acquaintance (who, of course, is overweight) told how her father added sugar to her yogurt in her childhood. Tablespoon per cup. Well, it tastes better! Almost yogurt, damn it!

* * * * *
Well, about this indignant mother.
I understand, now she feels sorry for the baby, from whom she needs to take candy and give her not sweet porridge.
I understand that the baby is still such a mother, and I want to please the baby with something delicious, and I don’t want to refuse the baby anything. Well, if health, of course, allows.
Let the baby eat!
And that the plump baby is growing - well, it's so cute! It's nice for mom.

And the evil world - it's somewhere out there, it won't touch the kids.
She will grow up and live where there are no complexes, experiences, choice, where there are no evil and tactless people, where everyone is equally loved, where everyone has success.
Where a plump girl will never be called fat.

Mom does not understand that after a couple of years her plump girl, who is not used to denying herself delicious food, will grow up.
Will grow up in a world where thinness is in fashion.
Where a body without excess fat is valued.

A girl will want to please.
And she will also face the fact that a more slender girlfriend will enjoy success. Not her.
And this girl will mentally compare herself dozens of times with subtle and resonant ones, and will forever collect self-esteem piece by piece.
This is unavoidable. Alas.

Mom does not understand that being touched by a chubby baby now, she is doing her a very bad service. But only later. Five, ten, fifteen years later.
Because there is an objective reality of our time.
And in this reality, men like slim and fit more.
And plump girls in this reality are listed only in the second place.

Of course, sooner or later every girl finds her own. The only question is what you have to go through before that.

We live in a time of nothing but Rubensian standards. As sad as it is, it must be understood.
And the standard that is welcomed by society now is thinness.
And one can resent this a hundred times, and one can say a hundred times that "there is no need to adjust ourselves to standards", but life, bitch, is such that we really have little choice.
Now - not enough, yes.

Either you want or don't want to, but take care of yourself and look good, or you leave the party alone over and over again. In the same company.
And here at least a hundred times cry about the fact that the main thing in a person is the soul, but you still yell alone.
And these cries don't change anything.
Because such are the rules of the game.

And it is better to teach these rules from childhood.
To have fewer injuries in adult life.

© Ekaterina Bezymyannaya

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Flame and Flower read online Kathleen Woodiwiss (Page 2)

— What?

William Court laughed and explained:

- I keep in touch with this school and I know that they need a young lady with good manners and correct speech - in a word, like yours. You might be a good fit for them, and since you're a boarder, that'll help the cause. He wiped his drooping lip and continued, “Perhaps in the future I could arrange a decent match for you with one of the prosperous townspeople. It's a pity if such a beauty will vegetate on a dirty farm. Of course, in that case, I will provide you with a good dowry, which I expect to repay with the help of your husband. A small deception, beneficial to each of us, that's all! You need a dowry, and I'm interested in loans. No one else needs to know about our agreement, and I know that you are smart enough to raise money after the wedding. Would you like a job with Lady Cabot?

Heather doubted William Court's marriage plans, but as soon as she moved away from this farm and Aunt Fanny, this life would be over! It would be amazing to be in London again! If not for the burning pain in her arm, she might have thought she was dreaming.

- Answer me, baby. You agree? William insisted. Heather decided not to miss her chance.

"That's a very kind offer of you, sir, and I'll be happy to accept it," she said with difficulty suppressing her delight.

William laughed.

— Excellent! Wonderful! You won't regret it! He rubbed his hands happily. So, tomorrow we're going to London. I've been away for too long, it's time to sort things out. Can you get it together, baby? William ran the lace handkerchief under his nose and dabbed at his thick lip again.

Of course, sir. I'll be ready when you want," Heather said.

— Excellent. Then everything is decided!

Heather cleared the table with a strange feeling that her supper was the last in the hut. She was too preoccupied with her joy to notice her aunt's suspicious looks. Once in her nook, Heather thought with delight that she would finally free herself from Fanny's tenacious hands. Any job in London seemed to her bliss compared to life next to this woman. Finally, she will get rid of rude words and undeserved reproaches, or maybe there will be a person who will take care of her!

Heather didn't need to get ready for a long time: all she had to do was dress like she did that evening. She undressed and slipped under the covers. The thin blanket of rough wool did not protect against the cold night wind, but irritated her delicate skin. Heather giggled contentedly, remembering that she wouldn't have to cover herself with that blanket again. Besides, less than a year later, the new century began, and Heather wondered more than once whether he would bring her happiness.

The next day they set off for London in William Court's carriage, and Heather genuinely enjoyed the journey. It was June, and everything was buried in greenery, flowers bloomed all around. When Heather rode with her uncle to the farm two years ago, she noticed nothing but peat bogs. Now, on her way back to London, the same area seemed to her unusually beautiful and picturesque.

Mr Court was a kind and considerate companion. Heather talked to him about the latest London news, laughing merrily at William's stories about the Regent's retinue. Once she noticed that William was staring at her, but, catching the girl's gaze, he hastily turned away. For a moment, Heather felt a little uneasy: after all, William was not her legal guardian, but just a distant relative. But the anxiety soon dissipated, and Heather decided that the reason for her companion's gaze was his future marriage plans.

They reached the outskirts of London at dusk. Heather's entire body ached from the bumps she received whenever the wheels slipped into potholes against the sides of the carriage. The girl breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that they had arrived at the shop.

Inside, on shelves and counters, silk, muslin, cambric, velvet and satin were laid out in all colors and patterns. There was everything that a woman could need for an elegant dress. A huge selection of fabrics amazed Heather. Examining the fabrics with delight, she did not notice the man sitting in the shop.

William Court laughed as he saw Heather's eyes sweeping the room.

- You still have time to look around here, my dear, and now meet my assistant, Mr. Thomas Hint.

Heather turned around and noticed a strange little man, whom she immediately considered the most ugly creature in the world. His round face showed bulging eyes, his nose was short, as if chopped off, with quivering nostrils. He constantly licked his thin, chapped lips with his tongue. Hint's ugly, hunchbacked figure was hidden in expensive scarlet silk stained with food. Hint's smile was crooked, with half of his face contorted into a tense, disgusting grimace. Heather decided that Hint would look better if he didn't try to smile. She did not understand why William chose such an assistant for himself - he rather scared off buyers.

“The locals are used to Thomas,” William Court said, as if answering her thoughts. “We have a brisk trade, because they know we are both experts in our field, aren't we, Thomas?

An evasive mumbling was his answer.

"Now, my dear, I'll show you my rooms," William continued. - I hope you like them.

William led Heather through a bench, to a door hidden under draperies, and from there into a cramped room, the only light coming from a narrow window. Climbing the stairs, they found themselves in a gloomy cramped corridor with a single door leading into it. It was a massive door with intricate carvings, in stark contrast to the simplicity of the corridor. Smiling, William opened it, and Heather gasped in surprise. The room behind the door was lined with real masterpieces of Hepplewhite and Chippendale furniture. A scarlet velvet couch and two similar armchairs stood on a magnificent Persian rug. The pale walls were hung with paintings and expensive tapestries, the candelabra cast light on the scarlet velvet of the draperies, their gold fringes and tassels. Fragile china figurines surrounded a pewter candlestick, and a dining table was visible at the back of the room. Every item in the room was carefully selected, and obviously their owner did not stand up for the price.

William opened a door at the back of the room and let Heather through. Her attention was drawn to a huge bed with four carved posts, covered with a blue velvet bedspread. A small chest of drawers was drawn up to the bed, with a candlestick on it and a bowl of fresh fruit, and a silver-handled knife gleamed beside it.

— Oh, sir, what an elegant room! Heather muttered.

William chuckled and smiled smugly as he watched Heather walk over to the bedside mirror.

- I don't mind pampering myself, honey.

If Heather had turned to William at that moment, she would have seen what he was doing his best to hide. With a lewd expression on his face, he glanced around the girl's slender figure, but managed to control himself before Heather turned to him.

You must be hungry, Heather.

Walking up to the closet, William opened the doors. He rummaged among dresses of all colors and styles for a long time until he found among them beige with lace trim, embroidered with small shiny beads and ribbons of a darker shade. This elegant dress was clearly not cheap.

“Put this on for dinner, honey,” William asked with a smile. “This dress was made for a girl your age, but she never got her order. I often wondered why she did this. It's one of the best dresses I have, I think she just couldn't afford it. William looked at Heather through half-lidded eyes. - Okay, one loses, the other finds - this is my gift. Put it on today - for me. As he approached the door, he looked back. — I sent Thomas to the cook, ordered dinner to be served quickly. The table will be set soon, so please, Heather, don't deprive me of your company for long. If you need other toilet items, you will find everything in the closet.

Heather smiled shyly, clutching the jeweled dress as if she couldn't believe it was hers. As William closed the door behind him, Heather turned to the mirror, her dress still in her hands.

During the two years spent with her aunt, Heather saw her reflection only in a dim shard of a mirror and in puddles on the road. She had almost forgotten what her own face looked like, and now it was as if she were looking at a portrait of her mother. Even now, however, she wondered why people thought Brenna was beautiful. For Heather, the true epitome of beauty has always been the tall fair-skinned and blond ladies accepted at court, and not the fragile dark-haired woman who so resembled her.

Heather washed away the road dust and found a new blouse in the closet. Putting it on, she flushed, seeing her body in the mirror and feeling that she was unworthy of such clothes. Made of the finest cambric, almost transparent, this blouse did not hide anything at all, its deep neckline strongly exposed the chest. Heather was used to her old, semi-childish clothes and felt uncomfortable, but she could not imagine that she would wear an old undershirt under such a luxurious dress. She chuckled to herself.

Who will see her? Only she herself will contemplate this airy attire, and no one else.

At this thought, Heather laughed merrily and took care of her hair. Collecting, releasing and pinning shiny black strands, she built herself a fashionable hairstyle. Instead of the usual knot at the back of her head, a cascade of soft long curls now descended onto her back. After admiring her creation for a while, Heather took a knife and with it turned the long thin strands near her ears into soft curls. With a satisfied smile, Heather thought of what a cry her aunt would have raised, what curses she would have remembered seeing her niece now.

Remembering her aunt, Heather carefully touched the tip of the knife with her finger, trying it, and immediately a drop of blood appeared on her finger. Grimacing, Heather put her finger in her mouth and put down the knife, noting that she should be more careful with it in the future.

The beige dress surprised her just as much as the lingerie she wore underneath. In this dress, Heather did not look like a young girl of eighteen, but a woman in the prime of beauty. But at the same time, the dress made Heather feel strange. Like the blouse, it barely covered her breasts, and the folds of the fabric gave the impression that she was wearing nothing under the dress. Heather seemed to herself a witch, an experienced seductress, a woman who knew how to get a man's attention, and not the timid girl she really was.

When Heather left the bedroom, William was already waiting for her. He, too, changed, changing from his traveling suit to more luxurious and elegant at home, and smoothing short strands of hair around his round face, which made it look even rounder.

— Heather, dear, you are so charming that I can only regret my lost youth! I have heard of beauties like you, but I have never seen them with my own eyes.

Heather murmured her thanks in response before the set table caught her attention. Appetizing smells filled the room. The table was set with crystal, Chinese porcelain and silverware. On the table were platters of fried game, rice, shrimp in oil, sweet cakes and candied fruit, in the center was a decanter of light wine, and dessert was waiting on the sideboard.

Continuing to contemplate the charms of Heather, William no longer tried to hide his lustful look. For several seconds he could not tear his greedy eyes from her neckline, above which the high roundness of her breasts rose. Licking his lips, he examined them carefully, he was eager to know the taste of this tender, young flesh.

William pulled Heather a chair and smiled.

— Sit right here, lady, and let me help you.

Heather obeyed and watched William fill the plate.

“My cook is an elusive creature,” he explained, helping himself to a generous portion of rice on his plate. She prepares food with amazing speed, sets the table just as quickly and runs away before I can see her. I don't know when she clears the table, I hardly see her. But soon you will appreciate her culinary skills.

They began to eat, and Heather was amazed to see how much food her companion was eating. “I wonder if he will be able to move after such a large dinner?” she thought. His jaws moved evenly as he chewed his food; devouring sweet pies, he licked his fat fingers and smacked his lips. Several times he accompanied the meal with a resounding burp, causing Heather to flinch.

- When you start working with Lady Cabot, you will get a chance to meet men from the upper class, and with your beauty, it won't be even a few months before many of them will seek your hand.

He grinned at Heather over his glass.

“You are extremely kind, sir,” Heather replied courteously. She decided that the wine loosened her interlocutor's tongue a little, since she was well aware that men rarely visit women's boarding houses, except perhaps on business.

— But I expect a reward for my services. He stared frankly at Heather, but she didn't notice it, glancing at the way the glass danced in William's hand. He was obviously tipsy and even, taking another sip, spilled wine on his chin and waistcoat. “Lady Cabot's school is a very special place, you've never been to one before,” he continued. “Madame and I are partners and we make sure that only the prettiest of girls are outside the doors of the school. Everything in the school should be up to par, because it is visited by distinguished guests who are accustomed to luxury. In my opinion, you will be a real find for us.

Heather decided that the poor fellow was too overwhelmed to think about his own words. She stifled a yawn, feeling the effects of the wine herself, and wished she were in bed soon.

William laughed.

- I'm afraid I've bored you with chatter, my dear. I hoped that the journey was not too difficult for you, and therefore allowed myself to start this long friendly conversation, but now I see that we will have to continue it tomorrow. He raised his hand when Heather tried to protest. No, no, I don't want to hear it! Go to bed. In fact, I myself do not mind being in this cozy place. I will be pleased to know that you sleep on my soft pillows.

Heather slipped into the bedroom, feeling the heat of the wine spread through every vein, every nerve. She heard William chuckle as she closed the door behind her, and leaning against it, too, laughed in anticipation of a new, wonderful life.

- Tell me, Lady Cabot, do you like my outfit? You should have seen the dresses my aunt used to dress me in! She spun happily in front of the mirror and bowed low to her reflection.

Laughing, she flung open the closet doors to look at other dresses, deciding that William would not object to such an inspection. Heather was always pleased with the sight of elegant clothes, and therefore her aunt's cast-offs were especially hated by her. She chose some charming dresses, put them on herself in front of the mirror and dreamed how good it would be if they belonged to her.

She didn't hear the door open, but when she happened to turn around, she froze to see William on the threshold, dressed in a bathrobe. A terrible suspicion rapidly grew into certainty. Heather seemed to see clearly: now she understood why William had made a deal with Aunt Fanny. Staring at William, Heather stood, feeling trapped. She fell like a lamb under a butcher's knife. William's eyes burned brightly in his purple face, and a hideous smile curved his thick lips. Turning, he locked the door behind him and idly fiddled with the key before slipping it into his pocket. Glancing at Heather, he seemed pleased with her fright.

— What do you want? she whispered. His face was twisted into a grimace of lust.

— I want to be rewarded for taking you away from this impoverished farm. You are so seductive that I could not resist, and with your gullibility, it cost me nothing to take you away from your sister. When I get bored with you, I will send you to Lady Cabot, you will enjoy school life. In time, maybe I'll even let you marry some rich man who's infatuated with you. He stepped closer. “No need to worry, baby. Your husband will be a little disappointed the first time he's in bed with you, but he won't complain.

William took another step and Heather huddled up against the bedside table in fear.

“You will be mine, baby,” William continued smugly. “So it’s useless to resist, you know, I’m too strong. I'm not averse to enjoying my power, but would prefer a sweet deal.

Heather shook her head.

“No,” she said in fear. No, I will never be yours! Never!

William burst into a terrible laugh, and Heather cringed, waiting for the right moment to escape. William's face was even more crimson from the wine he had drunk and from the fire that burned him from the inside. With a shameless look, he seemed to be undressing Heather, and she pressed her hand to her chest, wanting to protect herself from his piercing eyes. Seizing the moment, Heather slid past him, but despite her fullness, William was nimble and managed to grab her by the waist. Pressing his back against the table, he pulled Heather into his arms until her bones cracked. Lips wet and clammy with wine dug into her neck, making her nauseous. Heather fought back desperately, but she lacked the strength to deal with such an opponent. William's lips rose higher, she tried to turn away and push him away, and William fell on her with his whole body, pressing her to the table. In his iron arms, Heather could barely breathe, horrified at the thought that her bones would not withstand such pressure. In a panic, she remembered that there was a massive candlestick on the table behind her, and she reached for it. She almost managed to grab it, but she was too hasty and the candlestick fell to the floor with a crash. Heather's fingers found the knife, and she gripped it desperately.

William seemed to be devouring her neck and chest with his hot, slobbering kisses, oblivious to what Heather was doing until something sharp touched his body. Seeing the shiny knife, he squeezed Heather's hands with redoubled force. With a contorted face, almost crying from the pain in her clenched wrist, she did not let go of the knife. William was even more furious: this girl decided to threaten him! Heather fought back with all her might. William's heavy body pressed her against the table so that her back seemed about to break. Her arm went numb, and Heather knew she had to strike immediately or it was all over. William freed his hand and reached for the knife. Fearing the worst, Heather suddenly stopped fighting and fell to the floor at his feet.

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