Name that baby food shower game

How to Play "Name that Baby Food" Baby Shower Game

Name that baby food is an awesome baby shower game that requires some set-up, but is totally worth it! In this baby shower game, your guests will taste different selections of baby food and try to guess what it is. The person with the most baby food friendly palate wins the game.


  • Jarred Baby Food - 6-12 flavors
  • Wastebasket
  • Container - where guests can put their completed answer sheets
  • Permanent marker / pens / pencils
  • Paper to cover the jar labels
  • Answer Sheets - these can be blank or pre-numbered so guests will just write their guesses about the flavors that correspond with the number
  • Tasting utensils - plastic spoons or popsicle sticks (enough so that guests don't reuse the utensil for each flavor)

Prepping for Name that Baby Food Baby Shower Game

To prepare for this game, you will need to purchase some baby food jars in advance. To keep the game fair and simple, it's best to choose baby food jars that only contain one type of fruit or vegetable.

There are a lot of combo flavors (like apples and bananas or mangos and pears, etc...), but that may really stump your players, so just sticking to one ingredient per jar is best.

To keep things interesting, you may look for baby food that look somewhat alike - it's tricky but not too tricky. For examples, apple baby food and pear baby food may look very similar in consistency and color, so that might be a good choice for a couple of flavors. Carrots and sweet potatoes also look similar, so that could also be a nice couple of flavors that you can choose.

Once you have the baby food jars purchased, make a note of which flavors are in which jars (you'll need to know this for the answer key as the labels will be removed). A quick numbered list with the flavor and numbering the bottom of jar with a permanent marker can be a quick way to keep track.

Once you have the baby jar flavors noted, you can take off the wrapper (or you can always cover the wrapper with some patterned baby to hide the flavor). If you choose to take off the wrapper, there might be a little bit of adhesive left, so you might need some adhesive remover to get those last bits of stickiness off.

Now with your "naked" jars, you can number them with a permanent marker or get some colorful construction paper and make a new label for the jar with just the number.

For the game, your guests will get a blank numbered piece of paper and they will write their guesses that correspond to the number on the jar.

Baby Shower Game Set-up

To set-up the game, you will need some space where you can put out all the materials - jars of food, game sheets, pens, popsicle/spoons, wastebasket, etc... You should opt for a dedicated space so the stuff doesn't get mixed up with other things. A small table or countertop should be fine.

How to Play Name that Baby Food

There are a couple of ways that you can play the game. You can have the game be passive, meaning the guests can play it throughout the baby shower event and drop their answer sheets in a container and you can tally up the correct answers later and announce the winner. Or you can make the game a main event and ask for volunteers to play while the rest of the guests become the audience.

If you choose to play the game passively, you might consider having the instructions out on display so guests know what it's all about - the last thing you want is guests thinking you're serving appetizers! 

If you are expecting guests of all ages to attend, then you might think twice about letting the game be passive - depending on the age of the kids, they may not quite understand the game and the results could be...messy.

The other way to play this game allows for everyone to enjoy the action. You'll need to carve out some time to play the game during the event. At the time, you can ask for volunteers who want to play - not everyone will feel comfortable tasting baby food in front of an audience, so asking for volunteer players will just make things easier. 

Once you have the volunteers, have each of them taste one baby food at a time, then write down their guess. When they've had a chance to taste each one, you can announce the type of food, the person with the most correct wins!

It may be more fun to play this game with an audience as everyone will be able to see the reactions of the players as they taste those mushy peas and squashed carrots. It will also be fun to announce the winner right away.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

For this game, you may want to prepare a few prizes just in case you have a tie. As the game is all about food (albeit baby food), it might be fun to have your prizes be food-related too.

Here are some food prize ideas that you might consider:

  • Homemade Jars of Jam: If you love canning, then consider making some special treats for your winners. A cute label "Adult Food: Apricot Jam" or something that ties the prize back to the game can be a clever and memorable baby shower game prize. If you're not into making jam, then buying a few fun flavors and relabeling them with cute labels is an option.
  • Mason Jar Recipe Kits: A recipe in a jar prize is always fun and can be a play on the baby food jars. There are tons of recipe in a jar kits you can find online and if you think you might have more than one winner, then this is an easy prize to duplicate.
  • Food Cooking Kits: As this baby shower game is all about flavor, consider some food kits for your winners so they can add more flavor to their next dish! A collection of exotic salts, a variety pack of BBQ sauces or salsas. Some nice oils or spice mixes can also work.
  • DIY Food Gift Basket: A little themed food gift basket is another option. A small container filled with goodies for a movie night, breakfast in bed, or a picnic would make a great baby shower prize. 

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Keepsake Baby Shower Activities

Hosting a baby shower can be a lot of fun, especially when you're including some hilarious baby shower games to play. Aside from all the fun, you should also consider some activities that can be enjoyed by the parents-to-be long after the baby shower is over. Keepsake activities are a lovely way to encourage guests to leave something special for the new parents that they can treasure for a while.

How to Host a Diaper Raffle

Looking for a way to set the new parents up for a good while? Consider including a diaper raffle with your event. It will require you to announce the diaper raffle with the invites going out so your guests will know they can bring a pack of diapers to participate, but it'll be worth the effort! 

Guess the Baby Food - Baby Shower Game

Guess the Baby Food Game
Supplies: Variety of baby food 8 – 12 jars, paper to cover jars , spoons, numbers, pen and paper

How good are your taste buds? Well with Guess the Baby Food, you’ll challenge guests to see if they have the best palette in your group and can properly identify a variety of baby foods like squash, apple, pears, peas and more.  A fun game for the ladies but even more of a treat during couples showers when the men get to play.

Guess the Baby Food Game Prep & Play 
a. Get 8-12 different baby foods. (Peas, sweet potato, pears…).

b. Now grab a sheet of paper and pencil to create the master Guess the Baby Food answer sheet and number it from 1 to however many types of baby food you have for the game. Randomly take the first jar of baby food, write down the name of the fruit or vegetable beside one of the numbers. Then cover with paper or remove the label of the baby food so the name and contents are can not be seen. Once that is completed, then write the number you assigned to that spice to the outside of the container or use a sticker on the outside of the jar. We found writing the numbers on stickers and then placing the stickers on the container was easiest. It is also helpful to have the number on the table in front of the baby food during game play.

c. Once all of the jars of baby food have be assigned a number, create your game sheet. Your Guess the Baby Food game sheet should include a place for guests to put their name and then a numbers for the baby food and a blank space beside the number. Print out one sheet per player.

d. Game set up; place the baby food on a table / counter top area, jars should be 1-2 feet apart if possible. You want space between them so players are not on top of each other tasting and guessing baby food. One way to make the game work better is to have 3 or 4 players go at a time and have them start at different baby food. This way they can move about, taste and easily write their answer without someone over their shoulder.

Others options:
– If you are concerned about people knowing what it is based on the color is to blindfold each guest and feed them. However, this takes a lot of time and extends the game.
– You could pass the baby food jar around the group. If you do this just ask that the don’t comment after tasting it.

e. Game Play: Hand out Guess the Baby Food game sheets, pens, and let them know that they are going to go around and taste the baby food in the jars and then write down what baby food they believe it is.

f. Once everyone has tasted and guessed the baby food, it is time to reveal what was in each jar and score the answers. Guests  trade sheets and  the hosts starts by ask who knows want number 1 was. Have guests offer opinions, then reveal what the food was and proceed to share all the answers. Score the results and give a prize to the guest who got the most correct.

Guess the Baby Food – Co-Ed Baby Shower Game Variation
In this version, instead of the guests trying to guess the baby food the new mom and dad are doing the guessing. This is a lot of fun as you can discover who knows their fruits, veggies, and flavors.

a. You’ll want 2 white boards or at least pen and paper for the players. First sit the parents to be at a table that faces the group and let them know their is going to be a competition. A food tasting competition. They will think that sounds like fun, then share it will be a baby food tasting competition!

b. Let them know that they will each be tasting a type of baby food and then after each has tasted it they will write down what they think it was that they tried, and when asked they will reveal their answer.

c. If you think the color of the baby food gives away the baby food, you can always have them wear blindfolds, dark sunglasses or close their eyes while tasting the food. That is your option.

d. Game play for this is simple. Grab a jar of baby food, feed each parent to be, have then write down their answers (no peeking) and then ask them one by one to reveal the answer. Then slip off the cover to show the baby food. A correct answer gets 1 point, incorrect 0 points.

e. You can play whoever gets the most correct wins (easy way) or play to first person to get 5 or 7 correct.

If is a lot of fun to see their facial expressions as they taste the different baby food, especially the ones that don’t taste that great.

The 20 Best Kids Party Games

Arguably the hardest part of hosting a kids party is coming up with games your guests really want to play. After all, no one wants to announce a game for newborns and hear their guests groan in frustration. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 20 newborn games that are super fun and will make your guests laugh in no time.

These games are perfect for a variety of guests. Whether you're planning a children's party with the couple's closest friends, or planning a party for family members of all ages, these games will suit just about any audience. nine0003

So choose a few that you think your guests will enjoy. But don't overdo it. Usually two or four games are enough for a children's holiday, especially if there are a lot of guests. In addition, you need to leave time for eating and opening presents.

Games based on celebrities

Most Americans today are up to date with the latest celebrity gossip. So why not take advantage of this Hollywood craze and dedicate your children's party games to a theme that is familiar to many guests. Here are some examples of games you can play. nine0003

Name this baby tune

This newborn game is sure to please your guests. After all, who doesn't love the classic Name the Tune game with a modern twist? Just make a playlist of songs that have the words "baby" or "baby" in their titles. Then play a snippet of the song for 5-10 seconds and ask the guest to write down their best guess.

Use the songs, the options are endless and completely up to you. Just don't make your playlist too long. About 10 different songs from different eras is ideal. nine0003

The right price

Everyone knows that having a baby can be very expensive. But do your guests know how much certain items cost? With this modern take on the classic game show, you can test their knowledge. Of course, it will take a bit of effort to plan this game, but it is one of the most popular baby shower games.

To prepare for play, make a list of common baby supplies, such as a 9-pack of Pampers Swaddlers6 pieces, a 27-ounce bottle of Johnson & Johnson Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, and a box of three packs of Huggies baby wipes.

Make a list of about 15 items without revealing prices. Your guests must guess the value of each item without exceeding it. The winner is the one who guesses the cost of the largest number of goods.

Match Disney Babies

If your guest of honor is a Disney fanatic, she decorates a Disney themed nursery, or you just love the idea of ​​a Disney game, then this game is for you. In this game, your guests will simply match Disney babies or children with their parents. To make a Disney kids quiz, just choose your favorites and create a matching game. Some possible child and parent names might include:

  • Pinnochio and Geppeto
  • Ariel and King Triton
  • Peter Pan and George and Mary Darling
  • Simba and Mufasa
  • Baby Jack Jack and Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl
  • Sleeping Beauty and King Stefan and Queen Leah

A Star Is Born

Everyone loves to talk about the unique names that famous couples choose for their babies. After all, when Kim Kardashian and Kine West decided to name their child North, people had a lot to say about the choice. nine0003

But how considerate were your guests? In this entertaining game, guests are given two minutes to match the famous couple to their baby. You can use other examples as well, for example:

  • Apple, the child of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.
  • Blue Ivy, baby of Jay Z and Beyoncé
  • Shiloh, baby of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
  • X Æ A-12, baby of Elon Musk and Grimes
  • Rumer, baby of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
  • Lunar unit, child of Gail and Frank Zappa

Name these kids

Anyone who likes to watch TV will love this matching game. Like other celebrity games, this game is all about matching TV kids to their TV parents. Here are some examples to help you get started.

  • What was the name of Ross Geller's eldest child on the hit TV series Friends? (Ben).
  • Name all six children in The Brady Gang. (Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jen, Bobby and Cindy). nine0034
  • What was the name of Lorelai's daughter on Gilmore Girls? (Rory)
  • What is the name of Aaron Hotchner's son on Criminal Minds? (Jack)
  • Try to come up with a list of 10-15 questions using your guest of honor's favorite TV shows.
  • Or use character names from popular shows of your choice. No matter which way you choose to craft your questions, your guests are sure to love this game.

Passive games

These games are the perfect complement to the other types of games on this list. In fact, most guests like the fact that they can win a prize just by chance. So go through this list and choose one or even two games that you think your guests might enjoy.

Diaper giveaway

Here's a fun way to help your guest of honor stock up on diapers. When you send out invitations, ask everyone to bring a pack of diapers. Explain that for each pack of diapers they bring in, they will receive a lottery ticket. Then, at the end of the party or before the mom-to-be opens the presents, decide the winner. Your guests will enjoy not only this game of chance, but also help the expectant mother replenish her diaper supplies. nine0003

My water broke!

This game is quite easy to prepare. Just buy a few small plastic trinkets from a craft store, like plastic baby rattles or plastic baby shoes, and freeze them in ice cube trays. As soon as the games begin, give each guest a small plastic cup filled with an ice cube with a trinket frozen in it.

The first person whose ice cube melts, releasing a plastic figurine or trinket, will yell "My water broke!" to win the game. This game, although a bit weird, will make your guests laugh at the thought of having to scream in the middle of a party. nine0003

Don't call me baby

Also known as the clothespin game, this newborn game is very easy to play. Just give each guest a diaper pin or clothespin when they arrive. Ask them to attach it to their clothes and refrain from saying the word "baby" throughout the party. You can even give them this little poem to remind them of the rules of the game. Or you can make a sign with clothespins so that guests can attach it to themselves. nine0003

  • Take a clothespin and fasten it firmly
  • Try not to say "baby" with all your might
  • When you hear someone say "baby", grab their pin.
  • The one with the most clothespins at the end wins.

If a guest hears someone say "baby", they have the opportunity to collect their pin. At the end of the party, whoever has the most clothespins wins. This is a fun game where people not only chat with each other, but also laugh at the idea of ​​stealing clothespins from other guests. nine0003

The time has come!

This is a simple gambling game that your guests will love. Just set a timer for 15-20 minutes - or even longer if you like - when the guest of honor starts opening her presents. Then, when the timer goes off, the winner is the one whose gift was opened by the expectant mother. Make sure you have a few prizes for this game on hand in case the gift the expectant mother opens comes from more than one person.

Children's Party Bingo

Who doesn't love a good game of Bingo? Plus, the way this game is built will keep your guests involved in the gift-opening process. Just make a grid for your guests and let them fill the spaces with the gifts they think the honored guest will get: car seat, blanket, high chair, stroller, baby toys, diapers, and so on.

Then, when the gifts are opened, they must mark the correct place for each gift. The winner is the one who first builds "Bingo" - a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. If you plan on playing this game multiple times during the opening of the gifts, make sure you have a few prizes on hand. nine0003

Thinking games

The games in this category are fun and easy to put together. In addition, they will allow your guests to put on hats for reflection and have fun at the same time. These games are great for both big and small parties and will appeal to any age group. Here are our picks of the best baby shower mind games.

Little things about baby animals

Did you know that every baby animal is called by a special name? For example, a baby kangaroo is called a joey. Give guests 5-10 minutes to match the animal with the correct baby name with this easy-to-build game. nine0003

Here are some possible names for other animals, such as bear cub for cub, cat for kitten, dolphin for cub, and crocodile for chick. Use the Internet to create your own list of animals. Pair simple baby animals with more complex designs to spark interest from guests. The one with the most correct matches wins.

Would she prefer

This game is a great way to draw attention to the mom-to-be without doing anything crazy like making people wrap her in toilet paper or guess the size of her belly with string. Instead, people will be able to test their knowledge and see how well they know the expectant mother. nine0003

Before showering, ask your mother simple questions, such as whether she prefers the beach or the mountains, or whether she prefers Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Other ideas might be:

Would she rather…

  • Drink coffee or tea?
  • Get a dog or a cat?
  • Get diamonds or a string of pearls?
  • Sleeping late or getting up early?
  • Use Snapchat or Instagram?
  • The options are endless. Let your creativity be your guide. The one with the most correct answers wins. nine0034

Baby Shower ABCs

This is a game for newborns that will test your guests' guessing skills a minute before victory. Give each guest a piece of paper with the alphabet listed at the bottom. Then ask each guest to come up with one item for the child that starts with each letter. For example, A is an aspirator, B is a blanket, C is a crib, D is a diaper, and so on.

When your guests are ready, set the timer and start the fun. Whoever has the most answers by the time the timer runs out wins. To engage all guests in the fun, walk around the room for each letter and ask each guest to tell about the item that he named with that letter (if he has one). nine0003

Sometimes this game can cause a lot of laughs when guests try to defend their answers. The one with the most items on the list wins.

Kindergarten rhyme knowledge quiz

This classic baby shower game will test your guests' knowledge of popular nursery rhymes. Simply make a list of 10-15 of your honored guest's favorite nursery rhymes and run a guest timer quiz. The guest with the most correct answers at the end wins. nine0003

If you need a tie-break, ask the guests to come up with their own nursery rhyme and let the guest of honor choose their favorite. Some possible nursery rhyme quiz questions include:

  • What did Itsy Bitsy the spider climb on? (for water jet)
  • What did little Miss Muffet eat? (cottage cheese and whey)
  • Why did Old Mother Hubbard go to the buffet? (to bring your dog a bone)
  • What did the farmer's wife do with the three blind mice? (cut off their tails with a carving knife)
  • Old Wives Tales
  • Everyone loves to predict who will be born to a future mother - a boy or a girl. But how many of them know the old stories, according to which many people try to predict the sex of the child?

Here are some popular old signs that people think indicate whether a boy or a girl will be born.

  • The mother-to-be has morning sickness. (Girl)
  • The mother-to-be carries her baby low. (Boy)
  • The expectant mother is craving sweets. (Girl)
  • During pregnancy, the expectant mother does not like orange juice. (Boy)
  • The baby's heart rate is over 140. (Girl)
  • Make a list of 10 "Old Wives' Tales" and give guests 3 to 5 minutes to answer questions.
  • When the timer expires, the one with the most correct answers wins.

Active games

If you are planning a bachelorette party or if you have many guests, active games are usually a success because they get people up and moving. In this list, we've included a few of our favorite games that don't involve using baby bottles, tasting baby food, or melting chocolate in diapers. But if adventurers come to your holiday and you think they will like one of these entertainments, then, of course, agree. nine0003

Pass it around

As in the hot potato game, the guests sit in a circle and pass the teat around the circle as fast as they can. Whoever has the pacifier in their hands when the music stops is out of the game. Keep walking in circles until only one person remains. The last one left is the winner. You can also decorate the pacifier with ribbons and baby teether toys to make it easier to pass.

Babies against parenthood

Based on the popular game Cards Against Humanity, this children's game is best suited for parties with only a few people. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to give everyone a chance. Simply search the web for "Children vs. Parenthood" to get a free printable version, or make your own.

Even though this game is made as a pure version of the original game, people can still use it in unexpected ways. So before you play this game, think about your audience. If you think that someone at your party might be offended or not find the game fun, you can choose a different game. nine0003

Let's Make a Baby

Give each guest a jar of Play-doh and a cupcake tin. Then give them a certain amount of time to make a Play-doh baby, of course, and put him in a crib or cupcake liner. After this time, the guest of honor will evaluate the kids and choose his favorite.

Guests should not put their names on the creations so that the expectant mother does not know who created this or that baby. They also must not add anything identifying to their creation. At the end, be sure to take pictures of all the fun creations. This photo will be a great addition to the album of the expectant mother. nine0003

Feud at a children's party

Who doesn't love the Family Feud game? In this game, baby shower guests will play a version of Family Feud. Before the party starts, ask the expectant mother to rank answers to popular questions. For example, ask her "What should I put in my diaper bag?". Then ask her to name the top four answers, which could include change of clothes, diapers, wipes, and toys. Choose from 5 to 10 questions with four possible answers for each. nine0003

When you are ready to play, divide the guests into two teams and give each team a bell to ring when they answer a question. They will play the game just like Family Feud. When a question is read out, the first team to ring the bell must answer. If their answer isn't the best rated based on your interview with the guest of honor before the party, then the other team gets to steal the answer.

Teams receive points for each correct answer, and the team with the most points after all the questions asked wins. Don't forget to stock up on small prizes for each player on the winning team. nine0003

Bottle bowling

This shower game is easy to prepare for. Just place 10 baby bottles at the end of a long hallway and give guests a tennis ball. Let them roll the ball and try to knock down the bottles. The one who knocks down all 10 bottles - strike - goes to the next round.

If there is no strike, then the players who knock down the most pins advance to the next round. Try to play at least three rounds, maybe even five rounds before declaring a winner. Of course, the prize goes to the one who knocked down the most baby bottles. nine0003

A word from mentalar

When it comes to planning games for a children's party, it's important to consider the audience before choosing games. For example, if the guests are young and active, you can choose almost any game and not make a mistake.

However, if you have a mixed age audience, including older guests who may need assistance with mobility, you may want to limit the number of active games.

Similarly, you should choose a combination of games and limit them to save time for eating, socializing, and opening presents. As for the prizes, they should be simple. Choose things like shower gel, low denomination gift cards, hand lotion, and other inexpensive options. nine0003

For future counselors. Part 2.3 (Games to identify the leader) - MU "City health-improving center for children and youth "Orlyonok"


Three changes in clothes

One person goes out and stands in front of the others so that they can examine him carefully. Time for examination is from one to five minutes. Then he leaves the room and makes any three subtle changes in his clothes: undoes a button, unties the laces, slightly rolls up the sleeve of his shirt, sticks out a corner of the handkerchief from his pocket, turns the belt over at the trousers. After making three changes, he returns to the others. Everyone has to say what changes have taken place.


The team lines up on a bench or chairs in a row close to each other. Calculated in numerical order. Then he is invited to change places one at a time. That is - number 1 becomes the last, carefully moving and holding on to the guys. Then number 2 and so on. Moving chairs and jumping to the floor is prohibited. If someone is not kept, then everything starts all over again. There is a ban on talking for everyone, except for the person who will take on the role of coordinator. The counselor chooses this person himself or at will from potential guys - leaders. Another variation of this game is that the coordinator is asked to build a squad according to height, color of socks, shoe size, hair length, and so on. nine0003

Magic Cloak

Everyone knows the magic cloak of the sorcerer, with which he covered any hero, making him invisible to others. Once such an incident occurred at the court of the Northern King. The sons played merrily in the palace garden. Suddenly one of the boys disappeared. But there were many princes, and no one noticed what had happened. It was only at dinner that the disappearance of one of the princes was discovered. Everyone immediately guessed that it was not without charms . .. The leader gives the command to scatter across the field and circle with closed eyes. On command, they stop, squat down, and put their heads on their knees. The leader covers one of the players with a cloak and gives permission to the others to stand up and open their eyes. The winner is the one who first guessed who was kidnapped by the wizard. nine0003

Gypsies rode

The leader invites the children to build a gypsy wagon, consisting of a cart, three horses, cart walls, roof, wheels, a cab, passengers, a colt on a leash. Time to prepare the task 3 - 5 minutes. Interpretation: the coachman is currently the main leader - the organizer in the detachment of the walls and the roof - those who can be relied upon, good performers. Wheels, a cart, horses - those on whom everyone strives to “ride”, and who is able to carry, that is, leaders of a lower rank. The foal is “dropped out”, but with claims to leadership. nine0003

Passengers - the bulk.

At the end of the game, it is necessary to ask the guys whether everyone agrees with this distribution of roles and what place they are applying for.


To play this game, take a rope and tie its ends so that a ring is formed. (The length of the rope depends on the number of guys participating in the game.)

The guys stand in a circle and take the rope inside the circle with both hands. Assignment: "Now everyone needs to close their eyes and, without opening their eyes, without letting go of the rope, build a triangle." First, there is a pause and complete inactivity of the guys, then one of the participants offers some kind of solution: for example, to pay off and then build a triangle by serial numbers, and then directs the actions. nine0003

The practice of this game shows that the leaders usually take on these functions.

The game can be continued, complicating the task, and invite the guys to build a square, a star, a hexagon.

Step Forward

The guys become wider in width, on command they take a step forward, while the leader limits the number of people walking: “10 people - a step forward! 5 people - step forward! Leaders - organizers are immediately visible.

Who is Faster

2 teams participate. By cotton, the leader should line up according to:

  1. hair color (from light to dark or vice versa),
  2. according to shoe sizes (from smallest to largest),
  3. alphabet;
  4. hair length,
  5. eye color (from light to dark or vice versa).

Leadership is assumed by leaders.

Four Sides of the World

The team lines up, not close to each other. As you know, there are 4 cardinal directions. Participants close their eyes, they are also not allowed to talk and negotiate. On cotton, the guys need to jump in place so as to turn around and be looking in one direction. Three attempts are given. [authoring]

Put Your Hand

The guys are invited to put their right hand on the shoulder of the person in the squad that they like the most (the soul of the squad), and the left hand on the shoulder of the one they would like to see as a commander. The leader determines who is who by counting hands. As a rule, there are not too many leaders if this game is played at the end of the organizational period.


Everyone stands opposite each other, each taking the neighbor's hand by the thumb. The neighbor's thumb will be the joystick. The first in the chain extends his hand forward over the table. A small object (coin, earring, etc.) is placed on the table. Everyone closes their eyes, except for the last member of the team. He controls the "joystick", passing the first command through the rest of the participants. The goal of the first is to place your finger exactly on the object on the table. The game can be played in the form of a competition. If you decide to make a competition out of this game, do not forget to define independent judges so that no one cheats. nine0003

Endless Ring

The group stands in a circle and holds hands. In the hand of the first and last ends of the ropes. It is necessary, without releasing your hands, to make a ring and pass the whole team through it and return back.

"Do one, do two"

The players stand behind the chairs.
At the command of the facilitator: “Do it once”, everyone must raise their chairs at the same time. On command: “Do two,” all players must run around the chairs and sit on them. All actions must be performed simultaneously. The game helps to identify the leader - the organizer, it is he who must guess first to give the command to lower the chairs in the first case, and sit down in the second. nine0003


The counselor invites the teams to build a sculpture exposition “Our Squad” within 5 minutes. Leaders are judged by the one who takes on the role of foreman. line up in a column one by one at the back of each other's head, with their hands on their shoulders. The leader explains the rules: The ban on talking. Everyone except the one standing last has their eyes closed. The last one is the train driver. Clap on the left (right) shoulder - turn left (right) ). Clap on both shoulders - forward. Clap on both shoulders double - back. Clap on both shoulders with a shot - stop. The driver's task is to drive the engine a few turns. After that, the last one to become - ahead of everyone and repeat. Leaders are judged by the ability to manage. nine0003

“Magic Ball”

The counselor has a ball in his hand (made from one sheet of A4 paper). Calling his name, he throws the ball to any child from the circle, the child to another. The ball must pass all the guys. Then the counselor gives the following task: "Now the ball should pass all of you in the same order in 1 minute. " After they have succeeded, you cut the time: 30 seconds, 3 seconds, and 1. Know that this is possible. First, the guys can move. Secondly, the ball must pass all hands. Thirdly, it cannot be taken by one child and held on the handles of the rest. It is necessary to ensure that the guys, by their own reflections and trials, come to the following decision: By joining the hands of all the participants, they built a well. There may be other options. nine0003


All the guys are divided into two teams. And you give each team the same task in your ear - to build a carriage of people. Preparation time 2 minutes. It is very important to follow the whole process that takes place in teams: who leads, who invents, who does not care, who builds all team members. During the preparation, you can clearly see most of the children, choose leaders.


It is proposed that the guys imagine that they are all a big family and everyone needs to be photographed together for a family album. You must select a "photographer". He should arrange the whole family for photographing. The “grandfather” is chosen first from the family; he can also participate in the arrangement of the members of the “family”. No more settings are given for children, they must decide for themselves who to be and where to stand. And you wait and watch this entertaining picture. The role of "photographer" and "grandfathers" is usually taken by guys striving for leadership. But, however, elements of leadership and other "family members" are not excluded. It will be very interesting for you to observe the distribution of roles, activity-passivity in choosing a location. nine0363 This game, played in the middle of a shift, can open up new leaders for you and reveal the like-dislike system in groups. After the distribution of roles and arrangement of "family members", the "photographer" counts up to three. On the count of three! everyone together and very loudly shout "cheese" and make a simultaneous clap of their hands.


Here is another way to select leaders, consisting of several games. To do this, the guys are divided into two teams equal in number of participants. Each team chooses a name for itself. The leader offers conditions: “Now the commands will be executed after I command: “Start!”. The team that completes the task faster and more accurately will be considered the winner. In this way you will create a spirit of competition, which is very important for the guys. nine0003

So, the first task. Now each team should say a single word in unison. "Started!". In order to complete this task, it is necessary for all team members to somehow agree. It is these functions that a person who aspires to leadership takes on.

The second task. Here it is necessary that, without agreeing on anything, half the team quickly got up. "Started!" The interpretation of this game is similar to the interpretation of the Karabas game: the most active members of the group stand up, including the leader. nine0003

Third task. Now all the teams are flying on a spaceship to Mars, but in order to fly, we need to organize the crews as quickly as possible. The crew includes: captain, navigator, passengers and "hare". So who's faster?! Usually, the leader takes over the functions of the organizer, but the leader chooses the role of a “hare”. This can be explained by his desire to shift the responsibility of the commander onto the shoulders of someone else.


To play this game, take a rope and tie its ends so that a ring is formed. (The length of the rope depends on the number of children participating in the game.)

The guys stand in a circle and grab the rope inside the circle with both hands. Assignment: "Now everyone needs to close their eyes and, without opening their eyes, without letting go of the rope, build a triangle."

First, there is a pause and complete inactivity of the guys, then one of the participants offers some kind of solution, or he says who needs to disperse, who needs to stand still, or offers to pay off and then build a triangle by serial numbers, again leading actions. nine0003

The practice of this game shows that the leaders usually take on these functions.

The game can be continued, complicating the task, and invite the guys to build a square, a star, a hexagon.


The next similar game will be Karabas. To conduct the game, children are seated in a circle, a counselor sits with them, who offers the conditions for the game: “Guys, you all know the tale of Pinocchio and remember the bearded Karabas-Barabas, who had a theater. Now you are all puppets. I will say the word "KA-RA-BAS" and show a certain number of fingers on outstretched hands. And you will have to, without agreeing, get up from the chairs, and as many people as I show my fingers. This game develops attention and speed of reaction. nine0003

Two counselors are required for this play test. The task of one is to conduct the game, the second is to carefully observe the behavior of the guys.

Most often, the more sociable guys who strive for leadership get up.

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