Nuby baby feeder bottles

Nuby Natural Touch Feeding Bottle 9oz/ 270ml Single















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  • 0+ months
  • 9oz/270ml
  • SoftFlex™ slow flow nipple
  • Breast size nipple mimics mom's breast, encouraging latch on
  • Superior valves reduce air ingestion, which may cause colic
  • BPA Free

This Natural Touch™ bottle has a slow flow nipple, specially designed for new babies! Once your little one is ready for the next stage of feeding, choose the flow rate that best suits your baby. Nûby’s Natural Touch™ bottles and nipples are designed to be with you and your baby, every step of the way! We know feeding time can be hectic, especially when baby is hungry. The natural touch™ bottle only has a few pieces, making feeding and cleaning as easy as possible.

Natural Touch™ SoftFlex™ nipples are designed to make breast and bottle feeding easier to combine. The breast size natural shaped nipple encourages your baby to latch on like the natural action of breastfeeding and the nipple flexes, stretches and moves just like a mother’s breast. The superior valves in the base of the nipple help to reduce air ingestion, which may cause colic, and soft nubs on the surface massage the baby’s gums.


  • 0+ months
  • 9oz/ 270ml
  • SoftFlex™ slow flow nipple
  • Breast size nipple mimics mom's breast, encouraging latch on
  • Superior valves reduce air ingestion, which may cause colic
  • BPA Free

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1 x Nuby Natural Touch Feeding Bottle 9oz/ 270ml Single



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Nuby feeding bottle, patterned, standard neck, 1-2-3 flow non-spill teat, 120 ml

Nuby Feeding Bottle, patterned, standard neck, 1-2-3 flow non-spill teat, 120 ml

0 reviews

Code: 1161

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Bottle embellished with Nuby pattern, standard nipple neck 1-2-3 flow non-spill made of high impact plastic, BPA free . You can boil. Can be safely washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. The microwave oven is only suitable for heating liquids. The divisions on the bottle are given in ounces and milliliters.

Teat: The first and only soft non-spill teat designed to prevent leaks and spills. The bottle's sensitive vent valve closes when the baby stops sucking, providing protection against leakage between feedings. Teat air valves prevent air swallowing and "baby colic" from occurring. The patented Nuby™ teat system massages the gums and makes teething easier.

Caution: Wash and boil teats and bottles before use. All nipples can wear out. To check for cracks, check each nipple by pulling on the nipple. Check nipples and replace them when they become sticky, stretched, or show other signs of wear. Do not leave your baby alone for a long time while feeding. Never fill a bottle with carbonated drinks; the resulting pressure may cause leakage.

Warning: The bottle cap is not a toy. Please remove the cap before using the bottle and keep it out of the reach of children. Do not boil in microwave oven. When heating liquids in a bottle in a microwave oven, the nipple and bottle cap must always be removed. Burns and scalding can result from overheating in the microwave oven. Always check fluid temperature before feeding.

Made from safe, durable, non-toxic materials.

Age group: 0m+

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nUBY feeding bottles, blue and pink - Tallinn

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