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Owl "Meet the Baby" Baby Shower

I had the pleasure to help a client design a baby shower for her sister who was having a baby girl. The parents decided to keep the gender a secret, so we knew we needed to go with a neutral theme. My client thought an owl baby shower was the perfect fit

What I loved most about this event, was that it was going to be held after the baby was born, making it a “Meet the Baby,” shower. I LOVE it when my clients decide to do something non-traditional!

I had SO much fun with this project, and absolutley adore the client and her family. Take a stroll through the pictures, and I’ll throw in the details in case you are planning an Owl themed shower, so I can help you out!

You can purchase the white picture frame stands here: White Picture Frame Stand

When the guests arrived, they were asked to grab an “advice card,” for the new Mommy and Daddy.

I’ve had so many people ask me what was inside these clear ornaments. All I did was remove the cap, and stuff them with cotton candy. But let me tell you what… cotton candy is NOT my friend. I recommend using a candy if you want to achieve the same look without the stress of the cotton candy melting and shrivelling away!

I happened to run across an owl piggy bank at the mall a few days before the event, and just knew it would make a great addition to the dessert table.

Getting the idea from an owl shower I had seen before, I turned tissue poms in to owls!

My client found a great wooden backdrop for the dessert table. I tied the “woodland” theme in by adding branches to the menu cards {see below}, and bird nests.

My client makes “the best” cake pops around, and is so talented with the designs. Sweet.Sassy made these darling little owl pops.

I purchased these menu card holders here: Ring-Clip Place Cards

Really? How perfect were these? The best part? The Oreo’s came in green and pink already! Woot Woot!

The family came up with a brilliant idea of to play a game during the shower, that allowed each guest to hold and snuggle the baby. Every 5 minutes, a timer went off and the baby was to be passed to the next guests. During your 5 minutes, you were asked to sit in front of a photo booth (With an adorable pink baby quilt as the background) and get your picture taken. I LOVED this idea. What a special keepsake to have. The mommy then put the picture of the guest with the baby, next to the advice card they filled out, in a scrapbook to remember the day.

To make sure to keep all of the “germies,” off of the little one, guests received miniature hand sanitizers as favors, with a sign reading, “Sanitize Before Snuggles.” Cute. Cute.

Vendor Credits:

Party Design: Jessica with Fantabulosity (Formally Sweet Pea Party Designs)

Cake Pops and other sweets: Sweet.Sassy Pops

Cake Stands and Frames: Fantabulosity Party Rental



90,000 how to feed a little fussy. Articles

Redaktor, November 19, 2019

"Little kids are little troubles," says a popular observation. And, like all the wisdom accumulated during the existence of mankind not from scratch, it does not deceive us.

One of those “little troubles” sometimes becomes the daily feeding of a child, which can turn into whole battles and clashes with guerrilla wars and open hostilities.

The editors are not sure exactly, but perhaps the examples below of how to decorate a meal for a child will ease the suffering of those parents who expect every meal with face painting and doing a haka dance.

What is the hardest thing to get a child to eat? Yes all. Bread is nothing. Fruits and vegetables are evil. Porridge? Only over his corpse.

Let's see what can be done with this so as not to lie down on the battlefield ourselves.

For example, it is more interesting to eat healthy cereal bread if sandwiches are decorated in the form of funny animal faces.

For example, for a bull you will need bread, a few slices of yellow bell pepper (you can easily donate it by pinching off your salad), sausage so beloved by many children (which you can eat in tons, ignoring bread), literally one olive that you put on your eyes and a nose and egg white cut from the edges (you can also successfully dissolve the rest of the egg in your salad).

Photo courtesy of www. groundzeroweb.com

You don't need sausage to make bear head toast, but you do need banana, blueberries or blueberries and peanut butter. Fry the bread and decorate it in the form of a clubfoot head, “drawing” outlines with peanut butter, and then marking the eyes, ears and muzzle itself with a banana and blueberries.

Photo courtesy of www.creativehealthyfamily.com

Sausages may not be the healthiest food for kids, but sometimes even they can't save parents who don't know what else to think of for a child to at least eat them.

Sausage octopuses will always help out: you just need to make “legs” for them and draw faces with a toothpick. You can land, for example, in a “lake” of mashed potatoes and then, on the sly, there is a chance that the octopuses will also hook potatoes with their tentacles.

Photo courtesy of www.groundzeroweb.com

Most likely, kids love hot dogs, because everyone has known since childhood that there is nothing useful there, which means that this is it.

A hot dog in the shape of a dog's face with a stick in its mouth will arouse even more interest in the child. And you can gently put lettuce leaves or even vegetables on the sausage.

Photo from www.groundzeroweb.com

Owls are the best helpers for a child to eat porridge that is unbearable and so disgusting to every child's soul.

For example, on a hated oatmeal, you can lay down a whole smart owl, which is simply embarrassing to refuse. Banana - on the eyes (you can still have a couple of blueberries or blueberries or a drop of dark jam), strawberry wings, an almond seed beak and feathers from almond petals. Healthy, beautiful, and most importantly, it really tastes better than choking on “naked” oatmeal.

Photo from www.forkandbeans.com

The next owl will be extremely useful because it is made of nuts and fruits.

So, we need.

for porridge:

  • ⅓ Glass of almonds
  • ⅓ cup caches
  • ⅓ Greece glasses
  • 1 banana
  • ¾ cup of milk
  • 1 tbsp. l. unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 tbsp. l. brown sugar
  • ½ tsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • a pinch of nutmeg

For the owl:

  • 2 small circles of orange for the eyes
  • 2 circles of banana for the eyes
  • 2 Berries of blueberries or blueberries for the eyes
  • 7 grains of eyebrows and beak
  • 1 slice of kiwi, cut in half, for wings
  • 14 grains of wings
  • 6 Nuts


1. In a blender or food processor, blend and purée all nuts until almost floury.

2. Add remaining ingredients and mix. The resulting mixture will be slightly textured, so if you want to achieve complete uniformity, you need to beat the mass again.

3. Transfer everything to a small saucepan and heat for 5 minutes until the mixture is warm and quite thick. For extra thickness, you can always add half a teaspoon of chia seeds and let it simmer for another minute.

4. The last step is to assemble the owl from all the necessary components.

Photo from www.forkandbeans.com

Do not forget about your child's allergies or intolerances to certain foods - everything is variable and interchangeable.

In order for children to start eating vegetables and fruits, you will have to get out of yourself the talent of an artist. You thought you didn't have one? There is! You just don't know about it yet.

After all, fruits, vegetables, and berries, besides being useful, are also bright - you just need to direct the brightness in the right way, for example, by creating fascinating drawings on a children's plate.


Instagram by etkinliktadinda

By the way, there is another good developmental option: you will have to practice fine motor skills a little, and then the children will assemble the puzzle.

Instagram by thelunchpunch

Any fruit, any vegetable can be used - feel free to create!

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FUN Lunch Box Owl - “Deep down I was sure that the acquisition of an owl would end in disaster, but I decided that a small owl is a small disaster. (c) The owl that liked to sit on Caesar"

I don't even know how I got to this life. Although no. I know. I married a girl who loves owls, and so they gradually began to creep into my life. Slowly and smoothly. I myself did not have time to notice how I began to hoot in unison at the sight of another fat figurine or picture, and worship Boukla, considering Rowling a terrible killer for what she did to the idol of millions of fans. Okay, Harry Potter had to learn friendship and love.

But Hedwig! For what! Monster! We will never forgive you for this murder, and our hearts bleed as much as they did years ago when we learned of this tragedy. And nothing can take this pain away, because.. Okay, I really went too far. Forgive friends:) I promise to control myself. Let's get back to boxing.

Despite its description as a children's container that a child can take with him to school, I declare with all responsibility that the same amount of food that this beautiful owl can hold is also suitable for an adult. Both my wife and I myself use this kind of boxing. In general, it was originally the second half who bought it, and now during lunch breaks our owls hoot in unison :)

lettuce at the bottom of the box : ) Just google it and you will find dozens of shops to choose from. I know, that's exactly what I was looking for the name of the branch to create a review, until I was convinced that I was not the only happy owner of this beauty.

Just look into her bottomless eyes. How can you not reach for your wallet / card, and not buy such a beauty home? Wrap two for me, please. What? Are there more than two color options? Wrap everything up for me, please! I can not separate these crumbs, otherwise they will yearn without each other.

Here is what the manufacturer writes about his product. As I wrote earlier, I do not agree that this box is designed only for children, since I myself carry it to work, and this portion is enough for me to eat enough and feel full.

Give owls to the masses! Everyone is worthy of his owl, and let no one leave offended!


Parents, of course, care about the health of their children, even when they are not at home, but, for example, at school. To exclude from the diet various chips / crackers and high-calorie foods that simply beckon little mischief-makers, we suggest preparing homemade dinners for children.

We bring to your attention Lunch box Owl. With a container, you can collect homemade food for your child and save him from unhealthy snacks instead of lunch.

The lunch box is made in the shape of cute owls, which will definitely not go unnoticed by little pranksters, and food-grade plastic will not harm your health. A convenient snap-on lid keeps lunch from leaking into your bag or satchel, making the container even more practical to use.

Using the Owl lunch box, you can be sure of the quality of the food your child eats, and you can also track the amount of lunch eaten. Lunch box Owl, inside, is divided into two parts, which allows you to take a set lunch with you, as well as separate a side dish from a salad or dessert. Also included is a small spoon, which is very convenient to wield.

The original design of the lunch box will impress children. The compact size of the Owl lunch box will fit both in a children's satchel and in the smallest women's handbag!

And here is the information about the container itself.

Material: food grade polypropylene;

I don't quite understand what these words mean, but if I understand correctly, this means that children can safely eat from this box, and the food will not have a terrible aftertaste from the walls of the box. And that the food will not become less nutritious for this. Although it would be strange to release boxes that, with their material or coating, can make food of poor quality. Don't find?

Number of branches: 2

There are really two branches here. One main, and additional, which is much smaller than its "brother". Apparently here it goes according to the meaning as a main dish, and an additional one. Well, for example, I put buckwheat in the main section, and gently tamp pieces of bread into the small one. As the simplest example of use.

Size (LxWxH): 16x14x6 cm;

Nothing much to say about the size, everything is written :)

Decided to make an IMPORTANT clarification. I do not recommend using this box for liquid, as it will simply leak out. Owl wings, which are here clamps, do not close the lid so tightly.

Capacity: 900 ml;

Enough for one full serving. On the other hand, I only speak for myself. Perhaps this will really be enough for a child / teenager, and adults may need to carry two such scoops with them in order to fully eat.

Spoon (fork) length: 11 cm;

Here came a small misfire on my part. There really is another spoon in the set, but I safely put it somewhere and forgot. Therefore, it is impossible to confirm with a photo. Excuse me : ( But it really comes in a set, and the length fits comfortably in the main compartment.

The size of the larger compartment: 13x10 cm;

Compartment intended for the main course.

Size of smaller compartment: 12x6.5 cm;

Additional compartment. Not useless, and depending on the imagination, it can be used. Bread, pieces of meat or anything else that takes up little space and that can be safely tamped so that the food does not lose its taste and appearance.

Temperature range: - 20°C - 120°C;

There is a very important point here. This box must NOT be heated in an electric wave. I didn’t set up experiments, so I’m just clarifying this point according to the instructions and warnings from the site.

Learn more