Tarla dalal baby food recipes

Indian Baby Food Recipes, 6 to 18 months, Infant and Toddler Recipes

बेबी फूड रेसिपी, 6 से 18 महीने तक के लिए - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Babies recipes in Hindi)

બેબી ફૂડ રેસીપી, 6 થી 18 મહિના બાળકો માટે - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Babies recipes in Gujarati)

Baby Food Recipes, Babies above 6 months

Carrot and Muskmelon Juice

Weaning starts when babies turn 6 months old. Weaning means to initiate solid food and slowly gradually withdrawing the supply of mother’s breast milk. Always start with strained fruits, vegetables and fruits. Weaning Babies above 6 months of age can eat soft mashed foods like Rice Mash, Bulgur Wheat Porridge, Banana Mash and vegetable purees like Cauliflower and Broccoli Puree. Do not give foods such as cow’s milk, eggs, honey till they are at least 1 year old because they are indigestible to babies.

Such ingredients can also cause allergic reactions. It is always better to introduce single food at a time as you will be able to monitor for any reactions like rashes, diarrhea or vomiting. If your baby doesn’t like the taste of the new food then wait for a few days and try refeeding the same food because babies tastes changes from one day to another. Try introducing cups and sippers to your baby but only use them for drinking water and not juice because this can lead to drinking large quantities of sugary drinks.

By 7 months, your baby is ready for liquids like soup too. Initially, take care to introduce one vegetable at a time, in the soup form, so that it is easier to digest and your baby will also get used to various tastes. Moreover, when you make a multi-ingredient recipe and it is rejected by your child, you will not know which ingredient was unsuitable. So start with Beetroot Soup, followed by Carrot Soup. Once your infant gets used to both these veggies individually, you can combine them to make Beetroot and Carrot Soup.

Baby Food Recipes, Babies above 8 months

Coriander Curd Rice

The energy requirements increases as the baby grows and it becomes really important to feed calorie dense foods i. e. foods which give more calories even in small quantities. Nuts like peanuts, walnuts and almonds, dried apricots and figs, paneer, curd, ghee etc. Walnuts and Paneer Puree is a great calorie dense and body-building food.

Oats-and-Apple-Porridge is a wholesome porridge where milk is a good source of calcium, which is extremely important for the development of your baby's bones and teeth and oats are high in energy, protein and fibre. Feeding Vegetable Khichdi is a good way of introducing your baby to a mildly-spiced dish. Dal mash is a wonderful supplementary food that helps meet your infant’s increased energy and protein demands at the growing and active age of 8-9 months. By this age your baby is also able to eat finely chopped fruits and vegetables.

Baby Food Recipes, Babies above 10 months

Roti Ladoo

Once your baby is 11 months old she would definitely have some teeth and can now chew on some teething foods. Encourage your baby to have whole fruits and vegetables like banana, chickoo, apples and cucumber, which are soothing for the gums. Chewing food is also great exercise for your baby’s gums when they are teething and helps to strengthen the new teeth that are emerging. Peel and cut the foods into bite-sized pieces.

Fruits and vegetables provide bulk in the diet and aid in the baby's bowel movements too. But always keep a watch on them to avoid choking. Let your baby nibble on this crispy Till Chikki in between meal times to soothe their gums. These Whole Wheat Date Cookies are healthier than others as it is made up of whole wheat flour and date purée which is used to sweeten these cookies provides iron and fibre.

Baby Food Recipes, Babies above 12 months

Mini Nachni Uttapa

Serve these yummy Vegetable Parathas for breakfast, at the start of your baby’s busy day, or during lunch time when she takes a break from ‘play’. Corn-Sambhar is an innovative variant of sambhar, this is very different from the traditional recipe but very attractive to children.

An interesting way to incorporate a variety of flours to your baby’s diet is by making Jowar and Bajra Vegetable Roti as this recipe introduces your baby to new textures and flavours, and provides ample of nutrients too.

Baby Food Recipes, Babies above 15 months

Potato Green Pea Tikki

Babies above 12 months of age are called as Toddlers. Most of the teeth have erupted and they can eat almost everything that an adult eats. Mini Mixed Moong Dal Chila is a perfect example that children are capable of eating the same dishes that adults eat. Cheesy Corn and Vegetable Cutlets are mouth- watering cutlets which your kid would definitely not want to miss on, apart from being tasty they are loaded with protein calcium and vitamin A.

A fast-growing baby needs super-foods like Sprouts-Khichdi to keep her charged! Moong Sprouts Dosa has good quality protein as it contains a combination of cereal and pulse and also gives significant amounts of fibre and vitamin A.

Enjoy our Indian Baby Food Recipes, 6 to 18 months, Infant and Toddler Recipes  and other baby recipes articles below.

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Top 50 Weight Gain Recipes for Babies Under One

If you’re looking for ways to include high calorie foods in your baby’s diet, check out these healthy and easy Weight Gain Recipes for Babies Under One.

50 Weight Gain Recipes for Babies Under One

Buy Healthy Nutritious Baby, Toddler food made by our own Doctor Mom !

Ever since I started this blog, weight has been the number one concern with Moms – not their own weight, but their baby’s! Whatever the child’s age, this one problem has been constant, and while we’ve already shared lots of information regarding expected baby weight and weight gain, there were still queries regarding what to feed the baby.

The result of these questions was ‘The Chubby Cheeks Cookbook‘, an exclusive book on recipes for weight gain from babies to toddlers. Besides these, we also have a range of nutritious weight gain products in our store, specifically designed with babies and young children in mind. And now to give you an extra hand, we’ve drawn up a list of 50 weight gain recipes for babies under one, including healthy weight gain foods in different formats, so you can make whatever your baby is likely to enjoy.

Important: Please follow the age recommendations on each recipe and avoid salt, sugar, honey or cow’s milk for babies under one. When trying to increase your baby’s weight, please use our standardized weight charts to ensure that your baby is indeed underweight, else you may be setting the stage for obesity in later life. In case of severely underweight babies, please consult your pediatrician to rule out any medical concerns.

(The following recipes are suitable for babies aged 6 months and above)

1. Apple puree is a popular choice for weaning babies and when combined with pear into an Apple and Pear Puree, it becomes a naturally sweet and healthy weight gaining recipe.

2. Bananas are an excellent choice for weight gaining as well as for regulating bowel movements. This Apple and Banana Puree from Parent Guide combines the benefits of apples and bananas in one dish.

3. You can’t go wrong with this Green Peas and Potato Puree, where two weight gaining super foods come together to create a nice, creamy mash. Peas are rich in protein, calcium and iron while potatoes are an excellent source of potassium.

4. Pumpkins have a natural sweetness to them which is why they’re popular with babies! Try out this Pumpkin Puree recipe to make the most of this interest and add on some healthy calories.

5. This Ragi Flakes Porridge is a great weight gaining recipe for babies over 6 months, as long as you skip the sugar. Instead, opt for fruit purees or applesauce to sweeten the porridge naturally.

6. Our grandmothers did something right when they fed us porridge made of Raw Kerala Banana Powder! Packed with carbohydrates and potassium, this is something that is a must have for babies over 6 months.

7. One of the most popular traditional baby foods, Sathumaavu Porridge is the perfect way to add calories to baby’s diet along with loads of nutrients and healthy fats.

8. When your baby is ready for some texture in her food, opt for this Ghee Rice recipe that’s easy to make, easy to feed and versatile enough to customize with vegetable puree or chicken puree.

(The following recipes are suitable for babies aged 7 months and above)

9. While ragi in itself is a nutritious and weight gaining food for babies, adding moong dal to the mix takes it a notch higher. Try out this Ragi Moong Dal porridge to get the benefits of both ingredients.

10. We know that green peas are a good idea for adding calories to your baby’s diet, so why not make it better by feeding her this Buttered Peas Puree from Archana’s Kitchen?

11. Pumpkins are easily available in all Indian states, and are a household favorite. Make it your baby’s favorite too by feeding her this nutritious Pumpkin Soup. Be sure to skip the salt and add some spices instead.

12. These Sooji Potato Pancakes from Yummy Tummy Aarathi are soft, yummy and perfect for weight gaining in babies. You can skip the veggies for young babies and avoid the salt completely.

13. Need a healthy breakfast recipe that’s both nutritious and will keep baby full for a while? Check out this Banana Oats Pancake recipe that combines weight gaining foods like Kerala bananas and oats.

14. When your baby is ready for finger food, make these Multigrain Pancakes or Adai Dosa and break it into small pieces. Just be sure to avoid the salt and make the pancakes soft enough for baby to chew with her gums.

(The following recipes are suitable for babies aged 8 months and above)

15. If you have kids at home, then a jar of Dry Fruits Powder is a must have! You can add this nutritious mix to practically any dish – porridge, kheer or smoothies – and it’ll only add to the flavor, healthy calories and nutrients.

16. Besides banana puree or applesauce, Dates puree is also an excellent way to sweeten baby food, while also adding those valuable healthy calories. Check out the recipe from Yummy Tummy Aarathi to make this versatile puree.

17. Potatoes and cheese are both considered healthy weight gaining foods for babies, and they come together in this yummy Potato Cheese Mash recipe from Bumps and Baby!

18. If your baby likes paneer, this Paneer Vegetable Puree is an excellent way to sneak in some veggies! Just make sure to cook the paneer and vegetables just right so you don’t end up with rubbery paneer and mushy veggies!

19. Apple and chicken make a nice, flavorful combination, and is popular with young kids. Bumps and Baby have taken this combo and added sweet potato, making this  Chicken, Apple, Sweet potato mash a deliciously healthy recipe.

20. Many Moms have trouble feeding their babies eggs, but this Egg Yolk, Avocado and Sweet Potato Puree from Buona Pappa should solve that problem, since it’s so creamy and hearty!

21. Dal is quite an underrated food in most Indian homes, but it’s a great way to add some protein to your baby’s diet, especially if you’re vegetarian. Check out this simple Dal and Vegetable Mash from Tarla Dalal which can be customized with your choice of veggies.

22. If your baby is ready for some desi food, we’d recommend this mildly spiced Indian Chicken Puree – her first step into the world of curries! Keep it a little chunky for older babies to practice chewing.

23. If your baby is a fan of food that’s less spicy and on the sweeter side, this Chicken and Apple Puree from Buona Pappa may be a better hit with her. The combination of apples and chicken adds protein, nutrients and of course, healthy calories!

24. This Strawberry Chia Seeds Oatmeal from Baby Foode is a ‘loaded’ oats dish, containing oats, strawberries and the calorie and protein-rich chia seeds! Skip the honey and opt for date syrup instead.

25. Tarla Dalal creates a winner of a weight gaining recipe by combining jowar, ragi and dates in a protein, calcium and iron-rich Jowar Ragi and Date Porridge. This makes a great breakfast to start baby’s day on a healthy note.

26. If you’re looking for finger food recipes that also contribute to weight gain, these Egg Yolk Ragi Pancakes are a good choice. Packed with protein-rich ragi and eggs, these pancakes are a breeze to make and soft enough for young babies to munch on.

27. These Herbed Potato Bites aren’t just a great finger food for young babies, they’re also a good snack for kids while watching TV or lazing around! They’re easy to make and are a healthy alternative to French fries. Just skip the salt when making for babies.

28. If you’d like a snack that’s a little more hearty, try these Pan Fried Paneer Cubes. The best part is that these can easily be customized to suit your baby’s taste.

29. This Mixed Vegetable Soup is an excellent way to ensure your baby gets all her nutrients, hydration requirements and calories in one go, especially in summers when she’s not in a mood to eat much. Skip the salt so your little one can eat it without trouble.

30. Add some protein to your regular vegetable soup by including dal in it. Our Vegetable Moong Dal Soup is filling enough to make for a full meal, and not just a soup to begin your dinner!

31. Khichdi is something Moms all over India make, at some point or the other. When making for your baby, try this Oats Khichdi that’s a welcome savory change from regular sweet oatmeal or porridge.

32. This Broken Wheat Moong Dal Khichdi from Archana’s Kitchen is a filling meal that’s perfect for helping baby sleep well all night after dinner! The ghee increases the heartiness of the meal while adding calories.

33. Kerala bananas aren’t good just in powdered form – the ripe version is also ideal for weight gaining! This Kerala Banana Ghee Fry from GK Food Diary is easy to make, with just ghee and bananas for babies under one year.

34. Tarla Dalal has the perfect balanced meal in this Oats Vegetable and Brown Rice Khichdi. Using the pressure cooker, you can cook it to make it as mushy as you like. Skip the salt, with everything else, the babies won’t miss it!

35. Here is an easy Banana Omelette recipe that gives your baby a naturally sweet breakfast option! For older babies, you can try serving this with a dosa for a good dose of carbohydrates too.

36. You’ve tried a fruit omelette, now it’s time to go for a vegetable omelette! The best part about this Egg Yolk Vegetable Omelette is that you can customize it any way you want, making it a light snack or a full fledged meal.

37. It’s not just food that can help in weight gain, drinks can too! The Lemon Bowl has a delicious looking Avocado Blueberry Baby Smoothie that contains multiple weight gain ingredients like avocado, oats yogurt, flax seeds and more!

38. Did you ever think you could make muffins with just three ingredients? Well, Healthy Little Foodies have done it, with their Fruity Egg Muffins recipe, perfect for babies over 8 months!

39. If your little one is constantly eyeing your plate and trying to grab your food, it’s time to give her a treat! These Sweet Potato Banana Bites from The Lean Green Bean are delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free.

40. If your baby liked the recipe above, here’s another one you can try – Carrot Oat energy balls from My Kids Lick the Bowl. With ingredients like oats, sunflower seeds, dates and carrots, these balls are little powerhouses of nutrition and healthy calories!

41. Little one clamoring for dessert! Feed him a nice and thick Ragi Banana Halwa, specifically designed for babies under one! This recipe has no sugar, salt, honey or cow’s milk, containing only natural goodness with ragi and banana.

42. This Avocado Cream Dessert from Homemade Baby Food Recipes is something that will tempt adults too! With the natural creaminess of avocado and banana, this desert is perfect served chilled or frozen in summer.

43. Kheer doesn’t have to be a festive treat – this Oats Kheer recipe is something your baby can have every day! Packed with the weight gaining benefits and nutrients of oats, this is much more than a simple dessert.

44. When it gets hot, baby needs something to cool her down, and this Mixed Fruit Ice Cream from Homemade Baby Food Recipes is a good choice! Customize it to include the fruits you like, but we think avocados and bananas are a must have!

(The following recipes are suitable for babies aged 10 months and above)

45. If you’d like a simple meal that’s easy and comforting for baby when she’s not in the mood for anything new, then this Vegetable Dalia Khichdi is your best bet!

46. Get your little one used to eating greens on a daily basis by trying out this Green Khichdi recipe from Evergreen Recipes! Packed with green peas and potato, this is a super weight gaining recipe! Skip the salt for babies under one.

47. Store bough biscuits and cookies are never a good idea for a snack, especially when you can easily make them at home! These Sathumaavu Veggie Crackers are made of real veggies and you can skip the salt and baking soda for your baby.

48. If the whole family’s enjoying a Chinese meal, don’t let baby feel left out! Offer her this Paneer Vegetable Fried Rice that’s got protein from paneer, carbohydrates from rice and nutrients from vegetables.

49. Once your baby is used to plain chicken puree, you can start introducing her to a combination of flavors, like this Chicken Vegetables Meal from Made for Mums.

50. Not all puddings have to be laden with sugar! This Egg Pudding is a sugar free recipe that’s perfect for babies under one. So now they can enjoy a healthy treat and maintain their weight at the same time!

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Baby puree at home: recipes

Baby puree from vegetables and fruits at home: cooking secrets

Vegetable and fruit puree often becomes the first meal of the baby after breast milk or formula, so many mothers prefer to cook it on their own. Although modern manufacturers convince us that baby food is devoid of preservatives and harmful additives, fresh vegetables and fruits are much healthier, especially when it comes to infant nutrition. Yes, and cooking baby puree at home is not so difficult.

Vegetables or fruits?

Let's try to make baby puree for our beloved baby. Despite the fact that pediatricians of the last century recommended starting complementary foods with fruits, it is better to first introduce the child to vegetables - modern doctors and nutritionists have come to this conclusion. Boiled vegetables do not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, are better absorbed, satisfy hunger, do not cause allergies and increased gas formation. In addition, vegetables do not contain fructose, which irritates the pancreas. And one more weighty argument in favor of the fact that it is better to start with vegetables - fruits are tastier, and if the baby tries them first, he will refuse vegetables, because they will seem to him more insipid.

How to prepare baby vegetable puree

What can baby puree be made of? The ideal puree for the first feeding is from cauliflower or zucchini. A little later, you can introduce pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and green peas. Before cooking, vegetables are washed well, peeled, cut into pieces and cooked - steamed, in the oven or in the usual way, in water. The first two methods are preferable because oven roasting and steaming preserve the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and natural color in the vegetables. And most importantly - such vegetables are much tastier. Some nutritionists recommend boiling vegetables with their skins on before peeling them, so choose your own cooking method.

If you do have to cook vegetables in a saucepan, use an enamel pot, add less water and dip the vegetables into boiling water. Boil until soft, but do not overcook vegetables and fruits, otherwise they will become tasteless and lose a lot of vitamins. Ready vegetables are chopped with a blender until smooth and slightly diluted with water, vegetable broth, breast milk or mixture to a gruel state, since the child does not yet know how to digest thick food. Small pieces of vegetables in puree sometimes cause the baby to refuse to eat, so the knives in the blender should be well sharpened, and if there is no technique, you can grind the vegetables through a sieve. Salt and spices are usually not added to baby vegetable puree, and if the baby is more than 6 months old, you can put a little butter in the puree.

A few rules for making baby puree at home

  • Use only fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Water for cooking vegetables must be filtered or bottled.
  • If you are using frozen foods, choose only whole fruits and vegetables as they retain the most nutrients.
  • All utensils for preparing baby food should be perfectly clean, so if the knife falls on the floor, it should be washed well. Also, the presence of pets in the kitchen during the cooking process is not allowed.
  • Avoid vegetables and fruits high in nitrates, such as spinach, lettuce, beets, melons, and watermelons, in infants' diets.
  • Store-bought vegetables are recommended to be soaked in water to remove nitrates: 1-2 hours for this, up to 24 hours for potatoes.
  • Mix sour-tasting fruits and berries with sweet fruits - for example, blackcurrant goes well with a banana or pear. Sour puree is unlikely to please the baby.
  • Give your child only fresh food, but yesterday's puree from the refrigerator is better to eat yourself.

DIY fruit puree for children

Children are more likely to eat fruit puree, as fruits are tastier and sweeter. Fruits contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber and antioxidants, so they are very useful for a growing body. However, fruits are strong allergens, especially berries, bananas, pomegranates and apricots, so they should be given with caution, watching the child's reaction. The most low-allergenic fruits are apples and pears, so it is better to start complementary foods with them, and then introduce all other fruits. First, the baby is fed with a one-component puree made from only one product, and then you can mix different vegetables and fruits, and not only among themselves. Very tasty combinations of fruits and vegetables, such as apples and zucchini, pumpkins and pears.

Fruits must be of good quality, without damage, ripe and juicy, and the rules for preparing fruits do not differ from the rules for cooking vegetables. Naturally, fruit puree is not sweetened with honey and sugar - the later the child learns the taste of sugar, the stronger his health will be.

Aromatic pumpkin puree

Babies love to eat pumpkin because of its pleasant sweet taste, besides pumpkin is very healthy. It contains a whole storehouse of various vitamins, including vitamin T, which normalizes the metabolism in the body. For pumpkin puree, small pumpkins are suitable, since large fruits are not as tasty and difficult to peel.

Cut the pumpkin in half, and then into small pieces, one or two of which (depending on the appetite of the crumbs) cut into cubes. Boil the pumpkin in a double boiler or in water for 20 minutes, while warm, beat with a blender to a smooth puree and dilute if necessary with water or a mixture. Add oil and salt depending on the age of the child.

Gentle Broccoli Puree

One of my favorite homemade baby puree recipes is broccoli. This cabbage is extremely useful because it contains potassium, iron, calcium and other valuable substances. It has much more vitamin C than lemon, and the reason for its nutritional value is its high protein content.

Separate the broccoli into florets, wash thoroughly and steam for 20 minutes. Cabbage cooks faster in water - fresh broccoli will take 7 minutes, and frozen - about 15 minutes. Broccoli puree does not need much water, it should lightly coat the vegetables. After the cabbage becomes soft, chop it in a blender or pass through a sieve. If you're mashing for kids older than a year old, be sure to add butter - the little ones will gobble up broccoli on both cheeks!

How to make baby pear puree at home

Pear is a very delicate, tasty and healthy fruit that rarely causes intolerance. In addition to the high vitamin value, the pear has other beneficial properties - it facilitates digestion and removes toxins from the body.

For baby food, choose green pears to reduce the risk of allergies, which are rare among babies. Peel the fruits from the peel and core with seeds, and then stew the pear in a bowl with a thick bottom in a small amount of water for 15 minutes. Let the pear cool slightly and puree it in a blender with a little of the remaining pear broth. For large kids, fruits can not be boiled, but add half a teaspoon of natural honey to the puree.

Zucchini and apple puree

Little gourmets will love this delicious puree, besides, zucchini is considered the most hypoallergenic vegetables, which, due to their high potassium content, have a beneficial effect on the heart. Apples contain iodine, iron and phosphorus, and due to the high concentration of vitamin C, apples help in the prevention of colds and viral infections.

Wash the zucchini and apples well, de-seed them, cut into pieces and cook in a pot for about 20 minutes, considering that zucchini cooks 5 minutes faster. By the way, apples are steamed for 15 minutes, zucchini - 10 minutes. Next, vegetables and fruits are chopped in a blender, mixed and brought to a boil. For allergic children, this is the best side dish!

Exotic Mango

Sometimes you can pamper your baby with exotic fruits, such as mango puree. This is a very delicate fruit with an original taste, containing 12 amino acids and improving sleep.

Choose only ripe fruits that are soft and reddish-yellow in color. Peel the mango from a thick skin and a large bone, put the pulp in a blender, add 2 tbsp. l. water and mash it, and then heat it in a saucepan for several minutes. For a baby up to a year old, it is better to give mashed potatoes with heat treatment to facilitate digestion, and older children can be fed raw mangoes.

Carrot and potato purée

Make regular mashed potatoes without oil. Peel the carrots, grate them and stew them with butter and vegetable broth - about 1 tsp is required for 200 g of carrots. butter and 150 g of broth. When the carrot becomes very soft, wipe it through a sieve, and then put it on a plate, put mashed potatoes on the second half. Let the child choose whether to mix two types of puree for him or eat separately!

Pumpkin and apple puree

This sweet, sugar-free pumpkin-apple puree, cooked in a double boiler, is suitable for children who are already accustomed to “adult” food and are able to accept a new unusual dish. It is better to take a pumpkin with a gray or green skin and with bright pulp - such fruits contain more vitamins and other useful substances. Apples are green because they have fewer allergens.

Cut pumpkin and apple flesh without peel or seeds into pieces, place in a double boiler and cook for 20 minutes. Grind pumpkin, apples and raisins in a blender or by hand with a pusher if the child has already learned to chew. They say that this puree is very good for skin and hair, and you can check the truth of this statement yourself if you start feeding this dish to your baby.

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