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This Cult-Favorite European Baby Formula Brand Is Coming to America

If you’ve perused the international baby formula market in the past few years, you’ve likely heard of Holle. The European brand hadn’t previously been FDA-approved and, therefore, wasn’t sold in America. But it became so popular that many parents used third-party vendors to get their hands on it. Well, here’s some good news: the cult-favorite brand is coming to Whole Foods Markets across the country.

The brand will be distributed through JSG Organics, a distributor of natural food products and the exclusive distributor of Holle in the United States. Holle has been in the organic baby food market for over 85 years, with a mission of offering balanced nutrition through a range of products, including toddler milk drinks, cereals and snacks, as well as fruit and vegetable pouches. The brand, which was founded in Switzerland, is available in over 50 countries, and, starting this month, Holle will be available in American Whole Foods Market stores.

Holle uses ingredients from biodynamic and sustainable farms, and Holle’s Cow and Goat Milk Toddler Drinks boast both nutrition and ease in digestibility. The drinks are non-GMO, pesticide free and have no added sugar, hormones or corn syrup. They offer calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, and D. Plus, recent heavy metal testing of Holle’s products (including the toddler milk drinks) didn’t detect Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead or Mercury.

“We’ve recognized the Holle phenomenon and consumer demand in the United States for many years. As innovators and an industry leader in bringing top of the line products to parents for raising kids, we made it our mission to bring Holle stateside,” Ron Blitzer, CEO of JSG Organics, said in a press release. “We’re passionate about these products and are thrilled to welcome this iconic brand to the states, expanding the Holle footprint and giving families access [to] the highest quality essentials.”

“We are honored to be the first grocer in the U. S. to introduce our customers to Holle Cow and Goat Milk Toddler Drinks,” Caleb Hulsey, Category Manager at Whole Foods Market, also said. “At Whole Foods Market, we are always looking for high-quality products and are excited to expand our baby and toddler category with Holle’s Toddler Milk Drinks.”

The Holle Cow and Goat Milk Toddler Drinks will be available at Whole Foods Market, Amazon.com and HolleUSA.com. The brand’s Organic Purée Pouches and A2 Powder Milk will also be available on Amazon in May. To learn more about Holle, check out the brand’s website.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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Whole Foods Market being sued for selling baby food with lead exposure

By FOX 7 Austin Digital Team



FOX 7 Austin

AUSTIN, Texas - Happy Tot's baby food products are said to be safe and organic and sold at Target and Whole Foods but according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday, they contain alarming amounts of lead.

Children who eat just one serving of Happy Tot cheese and spinach ravioli consume more than 12 times the maximum amount of lead a child can be exposed to in one day. There’s more than a day’s maximum acceptable amount of lead exposure in a single Happy Tot apple and spinach fruit snack bar, the lawsuit states.


Whole Foods, which is headquartered in Austin, and Target are named in the lawsuit because they are the largest sellers of the two Happy Tot products, part of Happy Family Organics.

"Whole Foods wouldn’t sell an apple grown with pesticides, yet they keep selling baby food containing appalling amounts of lead to unsuspecting parents," said Los Angeles attorney who focuses on environmental litigation, Vineet Dubey.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no safe blood lead level in children has been identified, yet there is no federal standard for lead in baby food. The Washington Post recently reported that national health experts believe lead levels in baby food shouldn’t exceed 1 part per billion (ppb).


A February 2021 congressional report on heavy metals in baby foods found that almost 20 percent of Happy Family Organics’ finished baby food products contained lead in excess of 10 ppb, with some products testing as high as 641 ppb.

When discussing lead poisoning Dubey says it can, "seriously damage a child’s brain and nervous system, stunt their growth and development, and cause hearing and speech problems. Lead can impact a child’s ability to learn and also manifest as behavior problems."

Happy Family Organics assures consumers online that all its products pass "rigorous" safety tests: "We can say with the utmost confidence that all Happy Family Organics products are safe for babies and toddlers to enjoy and we are proud to have best-in-class testing protocols in our industry. We only sell products that have been rigorously tested and we do not have products in-market with contaminant ranges outside of the limits set by the FDA. "


These excessive lead levels were uncovered through independent laboratory tests conducted recently on an array of food products to determine if they complied with California’s Prop. 65 toxic warning label law. Prop 65 is the law that forced warning labels on fish known to contain mercury, and on water bottles that leach BPAs.

Neither Happy Tot product, both sold nationally, carry a Prop. 65 warning. 

"Let’s be clear: No amount of lead is safe for a child to consume, although low levels are allowed by law due to naturally occurring lead in the soil," Dubey said.

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"Not warning parents of dangerous lead levels is a violation of California law, but it’s really a human rights violation. A baby food company should know lead hurts children and should never sell a product with this much lead," Dubey adds.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Ecological Alliance LLC on June 15, 2021, at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles.

Malyutka porridge: assortment overview, reviews

  • Where to start?
  • Which cereals to choose?
  • Malyutka Porridge
  • Malyutka porridge: Assortment
  • Devices of milk cereals
  • Types of silence

Consult with a specialist

It is well known that the ideal food for the baby of the first milk is breast milk. or adapted milk formula. But time passes, the baby grows, and when he reaches 4-6 months, an important task arises for the mother and pediatrician - to introduce the first complementary foods in a timely manner.

Where to start?

The first meal of complementary foods can be cereals that contain nutrients - the most valuable sources of energy for the growing baby. Porridges, which include the necessary vitamins and microelements, are useful for the prevention of alimentary-dependent ailments (rickets, anemia, malnutrition), which can occur in children of the second half of life.

Which cereals to choose?

To feed a child, it is preferable to use special baby cereals of industrial production, which have tangible advantages in comparison with cereals prepared independently at home:

  • guaranteed quality indicators;
  • safety (chemical and microbiological) of raw materials and finished food products;
  • the optimal degree of grinding of cereals, which makes it possible to take into account the age-related features of the functional activity of the digestive system of children;
  • flavor diversity, which is achieved due to the inclusion of berry, fruit and vegetable additives in cereals;
  • instant porridges do not need to be boiled, one portion of the product is prepared immediately before feeding, so the risk of infection is significantly reduced.

Malyutka porridge

Malyutka trademark (OJSC Istra-Nutritsia) produces a wide range of cereals for children. The product is prepared on the basis of a milk formula. Given that, according to the instructions of nutritionists, it is not recommended to introduce whole cow's milk into the diet of babies in the first year of life, this direction is the most promising. Thanks to this, baby porridge "Malyutka" is easier to digest, reduces the burden on the digestive tract, and facilitates the transition from mother's milk or an adapted mixture to a new type of nutrition. According to reviews, such cereals have an amazing rich taste that kids really like.

Malyutka cereals: assortment

The assortment is represented by 17 milk and 5 dairy-free cereals, which include one or more varieties of cereals, which makes it possible for a pediatrician to individually select grain complementary foods for a child, taking into account his state of health and individual development. Porridge "Baby" can be introduced into the diet from 4 months or, according to the doctor's recommendations, from 5-6 months. This grain product contains a large amount of vitamins B, A, C, E, niacin, as well as trace elements (iron, calcium, etc. ), which provides 20-50% of the child's daily need for these substances.

Parents who gave their children such a product as Malyutka porridge leave only positive reviews:

  • all positions of a fairly wide range have a bright, rich taste;
  • satisfy hunger for a long time;
  • easy to prepare;
  • do not contain dyes, salt, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, artificial additives.

Varieties of milk porridges

Milk porridge "Malyutka" is produced in the following types:

  • Wheat with fruits, from 12 months. Contains wheat groats, partially adapted milk formula (skimmed milk powder, mixture of vegetable oils: palm, coconut, rapeseed, sunflower), soy lecithin, complex nutritional supplement, sugar, minerals, maltodextrin, vitamins, rice flour, natural pear supplement, bananas, peaches. Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate component that has a prebiotic effect, is easily digested in the gastrointestinal tract, promotes better absorption of vitamins and trace elements, and has a pleasant sweetish taste.
  • Corn and rice with fruits, from 8 months. Porridge is a good source of energy for a child. Corn and rice contribute to the proper functioning of the baby's intestines.
  • Multi-cereal with biscuits, from 6 months. Takayakasha "Baby" is an ideal source of energy for a growing child. Whole grains, which are part of the product, contain more vitamins and fiber than regular cereals. The porridge also contains special children's cookies, which will not only give the baby pleasant moments, but also introduce a new taste.
  • 7 cereals with lemon balm, from 6 months. Contains wheat, hydrolyzed wheat, rye, millet, barley, oats, corn, rice, minerals, sugar, vitamins. Porridge provides the children's body with energy and helps the normal functioning of the intestines.

  • "Rainbow of flavors" - a set of cereals in bags, from 6 months. Contains 5 packages of milk porridges: “Wheat milk porridge with banana”, “Buckwheat milk porridge with apple and carrot”, “Multi-cereal milk porridge with fruits”, “Wheat milk porridge with pumpkin”, “Oatmeal milk porridge with fruits”.
  • Buckwheat, rice, apricot, from 4 months. Porridge with buckwheat and rice with the addition of apricot diversifies the baby's diet, provides a balance of trace elements and vitamins. Buckwheat will saturate the child with B vitamins, valuable amino acids and minerals, while rice and apricot will ensure comfortable digestion.
  • Buckwheat, from 4 months. Such porridge "Baby" is a perfectly balanced first food. It is rich in essential trace elements and does not contain gluten. And B vitamins, valuable amino acids and minerals are necessary for the children's body for full development and growth.
  • Buckwheat with prunes, from 4 months. Prunes stimulate the intestines and have antioxidants that are involved in the proper functioning of the immune system.

  • Corn, from 5 months. Porridge has an ideal balance of minerals and vitamins, which provides good nutrition for the child. It is easily digestible, has a high nutritional value and regulates the functioning of the children's intestines.
  • Multi-cereal, from 6 months. Porridge is an ideal source of carbohydrates that provide the baby with energy. Rice, buckwheat, corn included in the composition are easily digestible and provide the child with valuable minerals and amino acids necessary for a growing body.
  • Oatmeal, from 5 months. Such porridge has a positive effect on the work of the heart. The cereal is rich in potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, helps the intestines and facilitates the digestion process.
  • Wheat with banana, from 6 months. Wheat and banana will provide the crumbs with the necessary energy. Nutritious bananas will improve mood, and from wheat the baby will receive proteins, easily digestible carbohydrates and potassium.
  • Multi-cereal with mixed fruits, from 6 months. Such a product will help develop the taste sensations of the child. Cereals will give strength for new achievements, and fruits are a real pleasure.
  • Wheat with pumpkin, from 5 months. Wheat will provide a fast-growing organism with energy, and the beta-carotene contained in pumpkin will contribute to the normal development of the organs of vision.
  • Oatmeal with fruit, from 5 months. Such porridge "Baby" contains a whole complex of important minerals and vitamins, without which the proper development of the child is impossible.
  • Rice, from 4 months. Rice is 97% carbohydrate, which is energy in its purest form. Porridge does not contain gluten, but it is very nutritious. Useful for mild digestive disorders.
  • Multi-cereal with fruits, honey, puffed rice and corn flakes, from 15 months. Porridge has a rich rich taste, introduces the baby to new foods.

Types of dairy-free porridges

Dairy-free porridge "Baby" is of the following types:

  • Corn, from 4 months. Such a porridge is highly nutritious, easy to digest, normalizes digestion, does not contain gluten. The baby will be provided with energy for a long time.
  • Rice, from 4 months. Rice is a low-allergenic, easily digestible cereal. The porridge contains nutritious carbohydrates necessary for the proper development of the child.
  • Oat-wheat with apple. The nutrients of such cereals are absorbed much more slowly than other cereals, which means that the baby will be full and energetic for a longer time. In addition, this product contains substances important for the body: magnesium, potassium, pectin, vitamin C, iron, B vitamins.
  • Buckwheat, from 4 months. Buckwheat is a dietary safe product that contains B vitamins, valuable amino acids and minerals necessary for the full development and growth of the child.
  • 7 cereals, from 6 months. Porridge is an excellent source of energy for the baby. Wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, corn and rice ensure the proper functioning of the children's intestines.

As you can see, the range of porridges "Malyutka" is quite wide, which makes it possible to satisfy the taste of even the most capricious little gourmet.

Cooking instructions

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Pour 150 ml of boiled water cooled to 60°C into a clean dish.
  3. Boil a tablespoon. Gradually, stirring constantly, pour 6-7 tablespoons of dry product (50 g).
  4. It is recommended to stir the porridge with a fork.
  5. When the temperature of the finished product reaches 36-37 °C, you can feed your baby.

Storage conditions

Baby porridge "Malyutka" should be stored out of the reach of children, at a temperature of 1-25 °C and humidity not higher than 75%. After opening the package, keep the product tightly closed in a cool, dry place (not in the refrigerator). The opened package is stored no more than 3 weeks. After the expiration date, do not use.

Malyutka porridges will become not only an ideal option for the first feeding, but also a favorite dish of all babies.

Baby food Malyutka. Malyutka - baby food from birth

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Mix Malyutka: composition of the product. What is included in the composition of infant formula Malyutka?

"Malyutka" baby milk formula, the composition of which satisfies all the needs of the baby in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, is the first adapted Russian product for feeding young children. There are "Baby" mixtures that correspond to a certain age of the child and take into account his changing needs.


Trademark Malyutka. Mixtures, latest reviews

It's no secret that the best food for a baby is breast milk, but closer to half a year, his body needs more nutrients. The best solution to this problem is feeding. To date, baby formula "Baby" is the most common due to the combination of good quality and low cost.


Baby formula cookies: a recipe with a photo

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Ready-made porridge FrutoNyanya: latest reviews

FrutoNyanya porridge is a valuable product for children. Dairy and dairy-free, they do not cause allergies, enriched with various vitamins and minerals. They do not contain substances such as sugar, gluten and milk protein. Ideal for first feeding. The kids love to eat them. In addition, cereals are easily absorbed by the body.


Dry dog ​​food 365 days cold cuts - rating 4.82 according to expert reviews ☑ Examination of the composition and manufacturer

When evaluating products, we use only expert reviews, which are based on laboratory studies. We do not collect user reviews as they are easy to manipulate. However, you can leave feedback about our study.

Dry dog ​​food, cold cuts, under the brand name "365 days" produced by Provimi LLC in Russia. The sample was purchased from LLC "Lenta" at the address: Moscow, Orekhovy Boulevard, 22a.
This feed is safe and non-toxic: no salmonella, toxin-producing anaerobes (causative agents of various infections), E. coli were found in it. It also does not contain heavy metals, radionuclides, nitrites, antibiotics and pesticides. No GMOs were found in the feed. It does not contain preservatives (including salts of benzoic and sorbic acids), as well as synthetic dyes. In addition, the feed is not infected with pests of grain stocks. Also, there is practically no metal-magnetic impurity in it (metal chips that can get into the raw material during flour processing).
The food satisfies the dog's daily requirement for amino acids. However, the food is deficient in vitamins A and D.
The food is granules with a matte surface in the form of circles. It is light brown in color. Musty, moldy and other extraneous odors are absent. The acid and peroxide value of fat in the feed complies with the standards established by Roskachestvo. This means that by the end of the expiration date, the food will not have a rancid taste.