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A baby shower is a party in which expectant parents receive gifts for their expected or born child. By convention, a baby shower is intended to help parents get items that they need for their baby, such as baby clothes. It is a popular tradition in the United States and in other cultures influenced by American culture or media. In some countries this party is not celebrated until the baby is born.

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Traditions and trends

In the past few decades, baby showers have become more common, as families become smaller and as each child receives more individual attention. Traditionally, a baby shower is held only for the mother-to-be, and only women attend.

In the United States, many people choose to have baby showers for both parents, and some people have a men-only shower. Minority groups in the US, such as African Americans, and Native American groups also have baby showers but might include an emphasis on their cultural heritage, such as employing rituals from tribal-ancestral African and Native American traditions, respectively.[citation needed] In the Jewish tradition, nothing may be bought for the baby before it is born, though many American Jews today do not subscribe to that tradition.

In the United Kingdom and France and other European countries, baby showers are a new phenomenon, recently imported from the United States. Malika Dalamal, a fashion writer for The Daily Telegraph, notes that a few UK businesses are now starting to respond to this opportunity, but others have not heard of this American custom. [1]. In some countries some shops provide Newborn Lists, where the parents select the gifts that they need for the baby, to avoid duplicate or unnecessary presents.

Baby showers are increasingly popular in Africa, Asia and Latin America, but are "women-only" social gatherings. This is especially true in the Middle East, where social mores prohibit casual contact of the opposite sexes, and in developing countries that are not greatly influenced by American or western culture. Among Hindus in India, religious rituals resembling modern baby showers are held during the seventh month of pregnancy. In earlier times it was a function which was organized and attended by women only, but in recent years, due to India's level of western influence, both genders are often included.

Traditionally, baby showers were given only for the family's first child, but over time, it has become more common to hold them for subsequent or adopted children. Even when a shower is held for only the first child, it is not uncommon for a parent to have more than one baby shower, such as one with friends and another with co-workers.

While there are no set guidelines for what constitutes a baby shower, there are some traditional activities that are common at baby showers. Traditionally, the shower is given for the expected parent(s) by someone else as opposed to the parent(s) hosting it. Because the party centers on gift-giving, the baby shower is generally arranged by a close friend. Having a baby shower arranged by a family-member or relative is seen as bad form and self serving by many traditionalists. There is no set rule for when or where showers are to be held and the party can thus be held at a variety of places and at various times. It is common for the host to provide baby-themed games during the shower. In some regions, it is common to give party favors, small gifts for the guests. Baby showers, like bridal showers and bachelorette parties, are becoming open to new ideas, concepts, themes, games, and changes in etiquette. For instance, once it was unacceptable in America for guests to rub the expectant mother's tummy. Beginning in the 1970s, however, if permitted by the mother and if asked politely, "tummy-rubbing" is now a baby shower event.

Among upper and lower class Americans, there is great variance in practices and themes of baby showers. Some people prefer to hold showers after the birth of the baby. Some believe that giving gifts before the baby is born can bring bad luck. Others believe that the concept of celebrating a coming child is a private family event or does not mandate a party at all.


Some classic activities at baby showers include:

  • Baby shower bingo.
  • Guess the birth date or guess the sex.
  • Guess the expectant mother's girth: guests cut pieces of ribbon, yarn, or toilet paper to a length they believe matches the mother-to-be's tummy circumference. Another similar game is tying a string around her abdomen, and if it breaks for one person, it's expected she or he's the next new parent.
  • Guess the baby food flavor: guests have to taste-test several flavors of baby food and try to identify them.
  • Other games include a diaper throw game, and the diapers have candies or chocolate stuff.
  • Opening the gifts in front of the guests.
  • Serving cake, though any type of food or beverage might be served.


  • "Daddy's shower" refers to a men-only shower for the dad-to-be.
  • "Grandma's shower" refers to a shower at which people bring items for the grandparents to keep at their house, such as a collapsible crib and a changing pad.
  • "Diaper shower" or a baby sprinkle refers to a small-scale baby shower, generally for subsequent children, when the parents don't need as many items.
  • "Pampers party" is also a men's-only shower, usually held the same night as the women's baby shower. The men usually give the daddy-to-be diapers only because the mommy-to-be is getting other items at the shower.
  • "Blessingway" is a variation on a baby shower that is focused on emotional and spiritual support rather than gift giving.

See also

  • Baptism


  • [2] Baby shower blues
  • [3] Hindu Ritual
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Children's birthday menu: how to organize the perfect holiday for your child

Children's birthday is a special holiday. Little guests in cute outfits. Gifts in bright packaging. Funny games and contests, laughter and running around. But there are also troubles that every mother knows about. How to entertain kids. How to make sure that no one is shy and does not get bored. And, most importantly, how to feed them. It's no secret that many children are hard to please when it comes to food. Besides, not everything is possible for them. In this article, we will tell you how to properly compose a menu for a children's holiday. And in the end we will give some simple and tasty recipes.

Choice of meals

Are you planning a menu for a birthday party? First of all, ask the invited parents if the children have allergic reactions to any products. Even if not, we advise you to give up too spicy, fatty and salty dishes. Here - spicy seasonings, spices, garlic. Here are ten simple rules to help you.

  1. The simpler the better. You can cook multi-ingredient salads all night, but practice shows that children are unlikely to appreciate these delicious combinations. Let the dishes be simple: fruit and cheese canapés. Salads of two or three ingredients, pancakes.

  2. Speaking of canapes. Different children may not eat certain foods. You will spend several hours stringing meat, vegetables, fruits. And when the guests gather, whims will begin: “Remove the olives!”, “Can I have a fish separately?”, “I don’t eat cheese!”. To avoid this, offer the kids a constructor: skewers for canapes separately, components cut into pieces - separately. And let everyone choose combinations to their liking.

  3. Remove bones. Necessarily. A children's holiday is always outdoor games, running around, hustling ... In such an environment it is easy to choke. Therefore, the fruits are thoroughly washed, peeled, and seeds are selected. Cut into small pieces and serve.

  4. Make several different fillings. For example, vegetable oil, sour cream, yogurt without filler. So your salads will definitely taste everything.

  5. Give up fish. No matter how carefully you choose the bones, small ones will still remain. Which means you can choke on them. In addition, not all children love seafood.

  6. Chicken is the best option for hot. Almost all kids love it. In addition, chicken meat involves a large selection of dishes: there are kebabs, meatballs, and roasts.

  7. Be careful when choosing desserts. Now there are many confectioners offering to order very beautiful cakes and pastries - bright, with figurines of cartoon characters. But if there are children under five years old at the holiday, it is better to cook sweets yourself - so you will know exactly what products were used.

  8. Take care of drinks. All kids love soda, but it's not very healthy. A great alternative is homemade fruit drink or compote. Dilute them with mineral water, and it will taste exactly like store-bought lemonade.

  9. Table setting is important. Dishes should be not only tasty, but also beautiful: a child will eat unusually decorated dishes much more willingly than “simple” food. The first and second can be decorated with vegetables. Sweets - berries, whipped cream, powdered sugar.

  10. Break the meal into three parts. Children do not like to sit at the table for a long time: five to ten minutes is enough for them to eat. We advise you to do this: light snacks, then games. The main course is games again. Dessert - and the end of the holiday.

Menu and age

Thinking over the children's birthday menu, be guided by the age of the invitees. After all, three-year-olds are one thing, and ten-year-olds are quite another. Their tastes and preferences are very different. Here are a few key points.

  • 1-2 years. We take only neutral products without allergenic properties. Chocolate, strawberries, purchased cakes - it's better to wait with this for now. Chicken pate crackers, meatballs and mashed potatoes for a hot, light soufflé for dessert are good options for the little ones.

  • 3-4 years. At this age, babies become finicky and capricious in food, it can be difficult to feed them. So have a few options. These can be "constructors" for canapes, which we wrote about above. For hot - chicken, for a side dish - mashed potatoes or spaghetti. Dessert - cake with yogurt or sour cream.

  • 5-7 years. The list of allowed dishes is wider here. You can cook three or four simple salads, sandwiches with lightly salted fish. For hot - pizza: make it yourself or order in a trusted place. You can also order a cake: ask the pastry chef to make it not too sweet.

  • 8-10 years old. At this age, children are more interested in the holiday itself, so if the birthday is themed - pirate, cartoon, princess style - the menu should match. If not, then again, pizza, nuggets, meat and sweet pies are perfect.

Recipes for children's parties

Finally - a few simple recipes that your kids will definitely like.

Sweet salad

Preparing quickly and simply: thoroughly wash apples, pears, kiwi, bananas and grapes, peel and pit. Cut into small pieces, mix. Top with low-fat yogurt and ice cream. The composition can be changed at will: add tangerines, raisins, nuts.

Chicken balls

Chop two large onions and fry in sunflower oil. Mix with 1 kg of minced chicken, add 100 g of bread soaked in milk there. Put the minced meat in the refrigerator for several hours. Then form small balls and fry them until crispy. After that, bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees. Before serving, stick a plastic skewer into each ball.

Potato boats

Bake large potatoes in the oven according to the number of guests. When ready, cut each in half and scoop out the flesh. Fry minced meat with onions. Fill their boats. Sprinkle grated cheese on top and place back in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Ready!

What about pizza?

Like it or not, birthday pizza is the perfect dish. Firstly, all children love it - you must admit, a rare child will refuse pizza. Secondly, it will save you energy - after all, pizza can be ordered. And the time freed from cooking should be spent on organizing the holiday itself - games, contests and other entertainment.

Of course, you need to order pizza only in a trusted place - in one where they cook from fresh ingredients and vouch for the quality. Some Ufa restaurants, such as Gusto, have a special children's menu. It includes pizzas prepared with children's tastes in mind. In the composition - tender ham, sausages, mashed potatoes, tomatoes. And no spices, hot sauces. The menu also includes French fries and nuggets. Therefore, if you decide to order food for a children's birthday in Ufa, Gusto is a good option.

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