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If your bottle-fed little one has a bigger appetite and it's too early to introduce solid foods, infant milk for hungrier babies is a nutritionally complete breastmilk substitute with a different balance of milk protein.

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Cow & Gate Hungry First Infant Milk Powder 800g

Baby Milk Formula, Suitable from Birth
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Cow & Gate Stage 1 Hungry First Infant Ready to Use

Baby Milk Liquid Formula, Suitable from Birth
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Important notice

Breastfeeding is best for babies. First infant milk should only be used on the advice of a doctor, midwife, health visitor, public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, or other professional responsible for maternal and child care.

Our highest quality standards

At Cow & Gate we test our range to high standards so you can be assured when you choose our baby and toddler milks or foods.

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As little ones' digestive systems develop, they may experience colic or constipation.

It is important to talk to a healthcare professional before using this product.

Suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition for infants from birth, or as part of a balanced diet from 6 months.

??Reduced lactose (contains 39% of the lactose in Cow & Gate Stage 1 formula)
? Structured vegetable oil
? Oligosaccharides (GOS/FOS)
??Nutritionally complete



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People’s Blog

Success - what do pro businesses do differently? -

There is a lot of talk about subtleties in feeding. But at the same time, there are often simple things in dairies that could be improved. After analyzing five companies that breed cows with a productivity between 9500 and 11000 kg, we will show what the success of these pros is based on. At the same time, we are not talking only about the high productivity of cows, but also about the profitability of the dairy business .

The key word for success is the consistent and constant management of the head of the company. Whether it's barn work, animal comfort, or basic forage harvesting, the one who performs his tasks consistently is successful and earns money with his cows. Further, the reader will find a description of what and how exactly these leaders do.

All establishments start cows 6-8 weeks before calving. Cows are fed concentrated feed in the amount of 2-3 kg 14 days before the scheduled calving date. At this time, if possible, a diet consisting of 50% dry cow diet and 50% dairy cow diet is fed. After calving the cow is immediately milked (the best colostrum for a calf). She then receives warm water or an energy drink, and older cows receive a calcium bolus or calcium injection, which prevents milk fever (both acute and subclinical) and gives the cow a better start into lactation.

Only 4-5 weeks after calving, the animals receive complete feed in order to avoid acidification of the rumen. About 5-6 kg of concentrates (cereals, soybean-rapeseed mixture, molasses, brewer's grains, cornage) are mixed into the mixer in all enterprises, and animals receive a maximum of 6 kg of suitable dairy productive compound feed using a transponder (individual sensor on the collar). Propylene glycol has proven itself very well in terms of productivity, fertility and health (about 300-400 g per head). Fats or other expensive feed additives are too expensive when fed through a mixer. Their use is justified only with high productivity and maximum through a special mixture distributed via a transponder. All surveyed enterprises are equipped with concentrate distribution stations to ensure that the animals are fed according to production and avoid overfeeding the animals. You need to get used to calibrating the transponder with each new supply of dairy produce or turd. A gate that closes in front of the station is highly desirable so that cows at the bottom of the hierarchy can get their feed in peace. The urea index that enterprises are striving for is 20-25 mg.

24 kg corn silage, 20 kg grass silage, (1st cut, 7.0 MJ PEL!), 700 g straw, 5 kg spent grains, 2.2 kg protein concentrate 40/4*, 0.7 kg grain maize, 0.3 kg molasses, 150 g mineral feed, 50 g feed salt, freely available hay, dry matter intake: 22 kg


max. 5 kg, for young cows max. 3 kg (with a high main feed intake of 3.5 kg)

Feed mix: 20% wheat, 17% barley, 20% molasses, 20% corn, 20% 40/4*, 3% mineral feed.

*Protein concentrate containing rapeseed cake, rapeseed meal, corn gluten, malt and a minimum of 50% high protein soybean meal

Change diet only when the main feed is changed. At the transition, it is mixed, that is, the grass silage that runs out is mixed with new silage in the last two weeks so that the rumen does not have to be rebuilt too abruptly. Abrupt feed changes are taboo, and this is also true for productive compound feed. It is important that animals receive the same amount of feed every day at the same time. This is also effective at an earlier stage: the ability of a cow to have a high feed intake is laid down at a young age, by calves and heifers! When asked how often on the day the feed moves on the feed table , the leaders of the leading enterprises gave an answer between 5 and 9 (!) times. Often, to attract the attention of cows at lunchtime, a little concentrate or hay is sprinkled on the ration to attract cows to feed intake. This not only achieves the goal of cows eating as much of the main feed as possible, but it also makes it possible to quickly recognize sick animals. Studies show that the duration of the period of heat in cows is getting shorter. And the pros recognize problems in cows before they occur.

Os Cows are changed in all interviewed enterprises sooner, already 6 weeks after calving. All surveyed enterprises, despite the high productivity, have a high insemination index (1. 4 - 2) and a low proportion of repeated inseminations, the intercalving period also speaks for itself: from 370 to 385 days. Also, this fertility factor affects productivity, since with fewer lactation days in the herd, milk production is generally higher.

Hooves carry milk! Only a cow that can walk well consumes a lot of feed. Hooves are trimmed at least twice a year, as are older heifers. In heifers, the ideal moment for cleaning their hooves is 2-3 months before the first calving. If the work is carried out by an external specialist, it is necessary to start after there is an exact certainty of pregnancy (the first calving period for all is between 26 and 27 months), otherwise heifers often have problems with hooves already at the beginning of lactation. Cows that begin to lame are treated the same day.

A cow gives maximum productivity when she feels good, stress is poison . A calm environment plays a very important role for animals, as well as comfortable conditions. Light, air (in summer an additional fan is obligatory in any, even the best barn), daily (!) washable drinkers and very well maintained, soft and dry beds (target: 14 hours of lying time per day) are prerequisites for very high milk yields.

Water - the cheapest food! Too low water intake has the effect of reducing feed intake. 8-10 cm length of the drinker per cow is also a prerequisite, as well as daily washing of the drinkers with a brush.

All farms feed hay (1st cut) to provide the required fiber, it is offered freely so that each cow consumes as much as she needs. But in the mixer it is preferable to use straw chopped up to 3-4 cm than hay.

The main feed must be tasty to ensure high productivity of the cows from the main feed

The alpha and omega in feeding is the main feed . Bad basic food cannot be replaced with concentrated food. The goal is always the highest possible productivity from the main feed. It is achieved due to two factors: the first is the excellent quality basic feed and the second is the consistent management of feeding concentrated feeds . A cow should not be overfed in the middle of lactation as this leads to obesity. Mobilization of fat from the body after calving or fatty liver can cause hoof problems, placental waste, milk fever, fertility disorders and udder health. By the way, a professional company does not buy “cheap” productive mixed fodder just because it can save 1-2 euros per centner. Ready-made compound feeds often contain low-quality components, it is better to use only the highest quality compound feeds. And at the current high prices, it is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with its component composition. Nothing comes from nothing. This also applies to mineral feeds.

Please do not use "cheap" mineral food or large amounts of calcium carbonate. What is saved is often too costly due to fertility disorders or other consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as growth and developmental disorders, licking of urine, licking of surfaces, etc. Dry cows and young animals also need the right mineral feed!

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of feeding is basic feed . They must be ideal in terms of hygiene and should never be heated in the feeders. In summer, this sometimes requires a stabilizer in the mixer, although the extraction speed (2 m in summer, 1 m in winter), compaction and proper covering of the silo trenches play a very important role in terms of heating the feed.

The speed of silage hauling greatly affects its quality

corn silos come in many different varieties. From research, the following points for tasty and good corn silage crystallize: quality varieties with good digestibility and high energy content. Seeding too late is less of a problem (makes sense from a soil temperature of 8°C) than harvesting too early (targeting 30-35% dry matter). Often seeded too densely, optimum seeding density is 8-9plants per square meter.

Grass silage must have a high energy content and be palatable to animals. When weather permits, do not mow immediately after rain, but if possible, let the grass dry for 1-2 days as the sun fills the plants with sugar and beta-carotene (if time permits, mow the grass in the afternoon). Many factories have too much dirt in the haylage. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the cutting height (7-8 cm). Set up the mower and rake correctly! All leading enterprises have in common that they are constantly working to improve the meadows. Underseeding or establishing new grassland with high quality, climate-appropriate grass mixtures is essential to produce top quality haylage with a high energy content.

Precision seeder. To get the highest quality haylage, grassland maintenance is essential

When you read these goals, they look very trivial, because all these things are taken for granted. But often in practice in many enterprises everything is quite different. The purpose of this publication is to demonstrate that the success of these industry leaders is not based on some miracle cure or weekly recalculation of rations, but on basic things that are done absolutely accurately and consistently. Good owner management is the secret to success.

The head of the Nurlat district presented a gift valuable for the family of the villagers


Lilia Mubarakshina, September 20, 2021 - 11:20

The Nigmatullins from Novy Almetyev are one of 20 families that received a milking machine as a gift from the head of the district.

A farm with a large number of cows today is even hard to imagine without a milking machine. Things do not go without him in the personal subsidiary farm of the Nigmatullins. Indeed, today they contain 5 cows. And there are 13 animals in the courtyard.

“We live in my parents' house. Previously, parents kept a lot of living creatures. Looking at them, and we are so used to. We used to have at least 3 cows, now we are increasing their number,” says Rais Nigmatullin.

It is no coincidence that they primarily pay attention to the dairy business, because it brings income to the family every day. And you don't have to think about where to put the milk. The local entrepreneur picks it up right at the gate and pays on time. In addition, now milking a cow is not a problem, milking machines make work much easier. And time is saved, and physical force does not need to be applied.

“We bought the milking machine in 2014, it was worn out, we were thinking about buying a new one. Therefore, they were very happy when the head of the district, Almaz Salimovich Akhmetshin, presented such a device,” said Rais Nigmatullin.


For Rais and Aigul Nigmatullins, private farming is not the main source of income, because both of them work. But the money received from the maintenance of livestock is a significant help for the family. Basically, they try to prepare their own food for animals. We stocked up in sufficient quantities in this dry year: we harvested hay from neighboring meadows, collected straw in the fields of local farms, and received grain for land shares.

Learn more